Mass Effect 2 – Help Krogan Or Keep Data?

After you get the mission “Help Krogan or Keep Data?” you’ll be asked to decide whether you want to help Mordin rescue the scientist, or keep all the data for yourself. You can make the decision, but the first one will determine whether you can reach the laboratory. Once there, you can interact with a terminal, and you can even debate with Mordin about whether you should keep all the data or help Krogan escape.

The genophage storyline is a central aspect of the game, and Mordin’s loyalty mission plays a pivotal role. Maelon is the culmination of Old Blood. Shepard is given the task of keeping Maelon’s data safe, but he knows that Eve will be killed if he does so. The only remaining Krogan from Maelon’s experiments is Eve, so destroying the data would mean the death of Eve.

The genophage plague is another important aspect of Mass Effect 2. Since its introduction, the disease has defined the krogan race, destroying their culture and future. The resulting violence and chaos has caused the krogans to become divided and weak. Their civilization is at risk of extinction. Thankfully, the game gives them a chance to save their race and save the galaxy.

There are many decisions to be made throughout the game. The decision of whether to save the Krogan or keep the data is yours. It is important to choose the right option. Shepard’s choices are crucial. During the dialogue with Wrex, the player can earn morality points. The player can choose to give an aggressive response to the question, or stay silent and allow the krogan to escape. Shepard can then go deeper into the hospital.

You have the option to save the Genophage or kill the Krogans in the final battle. While you’re at the Shroud facility, Mordin will try to complete the Genophage cure, but Eve is killed by Mordin, which makes it easier for Mordin to convince him. Thus, the cure fails. This is why the female Krogan Eve should not be killed. Mordin must convince the Krogan Eve to kill Wreav.

You can also earn 15 Paragon and Renegade points by storing the krogan’s data. This option costs 3000 credits, but it will help you gain loyalty and will determine how the game’s plot progresses. If you want to keep the data, however, you’ll need to hack Maelon’s lab. This mission will cost 3000 credits but will ensure Mordin’s loyalty to the team.

Once you have your krogan data, you can begin exploring. Once you have done this, you will need to decide what you want to do with it. You have two options: destroy it or save. You will also need to end your conversation with the Krogan. This will earn you 3000 credit. Afterwards, press the action key to return to the Tuchanka – Urdnot camp.

Mass Effect 2 – Help Krogan Or Keep Data?
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