Michael Vick Net Worth

Michael Vick Net Worth

Michael Vick’s Bio, Net Worth, and Lifestyle


Michael Vick is an American football quarterback and is now retired. He has earned over $25 million during his career. He owns a home in Atlanta and a yacht. In addition to his football career, Michael Vick is also an analyst for Fox Sports 1 and Fox NFL Kickoff and is considered to be an innovator in the quarterback position. He is the all-time leader in rushing yards by a quarterback and was the first quarterback to rush for more than 1,000 yards in a single season. He has been considered one of the best players in the NFL and has been honoured for his contributions to the sport.


Vick’s mother was only seventeen when she gave birth to him, and his father was absent a lot due to drugs. His father, Michael Boddie, was convicted of heroin trafficking and sentenced to five years in prison. Vick says he grew up watching dog fights. Police would break up these fights occasionally, but they didn’t seem to matter much.

Early life

Michael Vick was born on 26 June 1980

In Virginia USA. Michael Vick is an American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for 13 seasons and earned over $25 million during his career. He was a two-time Super Bowl champion who was selected as the Comeback Player of the Year in 2010. 

He earned his fourth Pro Bowl berth during his tenure in Philadelphia. He went on to play one season with the New York Jets and one season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he mostly filled in for backup quarterbacks. In the end, he retired from the NFL and worked as a media personality.


At the beginning of his career, Michael Vick was a huge sensation in Atlanta. He was once considered one of the all-time greats of the game. 

Vick had an unorthodox approach to playing quarterback in the NFL during his career and spent more time running the football than throwing the ball. His unorthodox style helped him break several records during his career, and he was the first quarterback to rush for more than a thousand yards in a single season. He finished his career with a career-high of 6,109 rushing yards.

Michael Vick has not played in the NFL for five years, but he recently returned to the game with a new venture, Levels Sports Group. He will focus on the name, image, and likeness business, working with the company’s sponsored prospects. In addition to Vick, the company also has Clemson quarterback DJ Uiagalelei and USC star Malachi Nelson.

While he was a star quarterback in the NFL, his career was not without its ups and downs. Michael Vick was a highly sought-after prospect out of college, and his unconventional approach to the quarterback position was an asset.

Net worth 

Micheal ick’s net worth is estimated at $ 16 million. He earned over $25 million during his career.

In 2010, he signed a six-year, $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. This contract included $40 million in guaranteed cash and a $16.5 million annual salary. He became only the third NFL player to sign more than one hundred million dollar contracts.

Despite his financial struggles, Michael Vick remains worth a large sum of money despite his retirement. The National Football League quarterback recently purchased a home in Atlanta. The two-story residence includes a private fitness room, pool table, and ornate reclining chairs. It also has a giant flat-screen television. Unfortunately, one of the Vicks’ coworkers stole it when he left. The house also features a guest house and a garage for five cars.

The property is located in Atlanta’s Sugarloaf Country Club. The home is 20,000 square feet and features a grand foyer with a double bridal staircase, a 2-story wood-panelled library, a gym, and elevators. The home is currently listed for $4100,000.

While many players dream of owning a yacht and living on the sea, Vick has been keeping his assets on land. He has a $2 million mortgage on his home, which sits on two acres overlooking the Nansemond River. He also owns three luxury vehicles, including a Mercedes-Benz and a Land Rover. Nevertheless, Vick’s finances haven’t been perfect. He owes his mother and fiancee more than $105,000 in car payments.

Vick bought the property five years ago for $1.32 million.

He eventually signed a $100 million deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick’s Atlanta home is now on the market for $1.399 million. A real estate agent named Giselle Bonetti represented the sellers in the transaction. The six-bedroom property, built in 2005, is situated on a half-acre lot in Stonebrook Estates. It is also equipped with a home theatre. The mansion also has water views and a freeform swimming pool.


The relationship began when Kijafa met Michael in a nightclub and started a relationship. The two became friends after meeting, and eventually, their friendship blossomed. After Kijafa met Michael, they started to communicate over the phone. As their relationship grew, the two became closer and began a relationship.

Michael Vick has revealed that he is expecting another child. He and his wife Kijafa announced their pregnancy on Instagram. The two have been married for five years. They met in a Virginia nightclub in 2002. After their wedding, she dropped out of college and supported her husband during his time in prison. Eventually, she resumed her college studies. Her commitment and love for her husband showed that women are beautiful and can love with their whole hearts.

Kijafa and Michael’s relationship is now in the spotlight. They were together through the darkest times of Michael’s life.


Unfortunately, he nearly went bankrupt following a dogfighting scandal. However, he blew his chance because of his vile addiction. This addiction consumed his life and dominated his personal life.

Michael Vick’s finances have become a major issue. Vick, who once earned over $25 million, has filed for bankruptcy and is now spending his last days in federal prison. Vick, who is convicted of dogfighting and other charges, is now serving a 23-month prison term for dogfighting. The financial management of his fortune is a major problem, and his bankruptcy documents show that he misused his fortune.

Vick has several close relationships. The property he used to train pit bulls is located near Surry County, Georgia. He has also been accused of domestic violence. However, the relationship between Vick and his cousins has remained quiet. As a result, he has been unable to sell the property.

Since his arrest, Vick has kept a low profile in his Atlanta home. He has been out of prison since he pled guilty to federal charges of f illegal gambling and sponsoring a dog in an animal-fighting venture.

Although the Falcons have been successful in the post-victory period, the football player has struggled with the scandal he faced after his dogfighting conviction. He has since declared bankruptcy and returned to the NFL, winning the NFL Comeback Player Award.


He also founded the Michael Vick Foundation in 2006. The foundation raised donations for victims of the Virginia Tech shootings.

Aside from his football career, he has also been involved in several charities, such as the Humane Society of the United State.


After Michael Vick was released from prison, he signed endorsement contracts with various companies. He also signed a two-year contract with Unequal Technologies. He also launched a sports clothing line called V7. The clothing line is sold exclusively at Modell’s. He was later released from jail and signed with the Eagles. 

Because of his talent and unique style, he was paid big money to play in the NFL. Following his retirement from the NFL, Vick earned over $25 million in endorsement deals. After his return to the NFL, he was named Comeback Player of the Year in 2010. 

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In conclusion, Michael Vick is a remarkable athlete who has overcome many obstacles in his life. He is an inspiration to others and has shown that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Thank you for reading this article.

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Michael Vick Net Worth

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