Most Popular IoT Devices To Look Out For


Internet of things is a term you must be familiar with. Because at some point you would have heard about it either from any friend, family member, colleague, or have learned about it in any blog, article, or advertisement.

However, the term is not as simple as it may sound. It has broad meaning and functionality. Plus, it can cover a massive sum of informative data which is quite essential for the performance of IoT devices.

IoT or the internet of things recognizes as the rapidly expanding network of linked devices or objects. These objects or devices are fully capable of exchanging and collecting real-time data and information utilizing embedded sensors.

Moreover, you can easily connect countless devices or gadgets to the internet of things such as refrigerators, thermostats, cars, and various other appliances. The growth of the internet of things is expected to hit the figure in billions in the coming decades. Because of increasing likelihood amongst the masses who have not only readily accepted this advanced technology but also looking for more innovation in it. Therefore, the scope of growth is tremendously high for the internet of things.

Regardless of huge popularity, if you are still having some ambiguity about IoT or have little knowledge about the wonders of IoT let us help you to clarify your understanding of how this internet of things works.

To make it simpler we have gathered some major applications for the internet of things with the description of some particular devices or gadgets and examples for you.

So, let’s dive in together to explore the wonders of the internet of things without any further due!

Internet of Things Applications

Let’s start our exploration with some key internet of things applications that have brought enormous change in our lives.

Smart Home

It is one of the highly famous applications of the internet of things right now. But why it is so? Because the smart home application is one of the IoT’s readily available and truly affordable app for customers.

The list of products in this category is huge including Amazon Echo, Thermostat, and various other products. There are hundreds of such products under this line of IoT application. And are abundantly available in the market. So, you can easily get whenever and whatever product you want. Moreover, these products are user-friendly and you can control these devices with your voice. These devices are contributing significantly to making your lives more convenient and connected like it was never before.


Time has been over when you were using watches only to know the time. Today watches have more functions to do than just mentioning the right time. There are various smartwatches and the Apple watch in the market which have transformed conventional wristwatches into a smartphone. How is it possible? Because these smartwatches have enabled us to do all the functions of a smartphone through our smartwatches such as phone calls, text messages, and other functions.

With these smartwatches, your wrist has become a smartphone holster. Similarly, Jawbone, Fitbit, and other related devices have revolutionized the world of fitness. This internet of things devices help you in workouts by providing you more data about your heartbeat, calories burned, steps you have taken, and much more.

Smart Cities

Smart cities are another outstanding application that the internet of things or IoT has brought to our lives. This revolutionary application has transformed various cities across the world. It has the potential to solve out real-time problems that citizens usually encounter every day in a city.

But how the internet of things can do it? It is quite easy for IoT! However, it requires proper data and connections to solve issues regarding traffic congestions, determining alternate routes, or any inconvenience on roads.

Furthermore, it helps in solving issues related to crime in the city which is not only good for citizens but also for the police who try hard to maintain law and order in the city. Apart from that this internet of things also contributes a lot in reducing noise and pollution from cities. So, don’t to want to turn your city into a smart city? If yes, then isn’t it worthy of use?

Connected Car

This application of the internet of things (IoT) allows you to connect your vehicles to your internet. It allows you to not only access your vehicle but also offers you the ability to share this accessibility with other people.

It is as easy as connecting people to any wireless network at your workplace or home. There are plenty of vehicles in the market equipped with fobs as a substitute for hard or physical keys. Such vehicles utilize sensors for performing almost every function like remote start to trigger the alarm for popping up its trunk or unlocking your vehicle using the smart locks.

Because of huge positive responses from customers, automobile companies are setting off more and more vehicles enabled with the internet of things applications.

Internet Of Things Devices & Examples

Amazon Echo And Google Home – Smart Home

Google Home and Amazon Echo are two famous AI voice assistants that consumers desire to have amongst all the internet of things devices. What has turned it into the most demanded connected device for consumers in the internet of things? Nothing but convenience in doing certain tasks and functionality it offers.

Let’s take an example of Alexa which is quite famous these days. This connected device helps you to perform different functions such as ordering an Uber, playing your favorite music, getting sports updates, acquiring weather reports, and many others. Sound great? Isn’t it?

Fitbit Charge 3 – Wearables

The Fitbit Charge 3 is another example of connected devices of the internet of things that helps you in your daily workouts. You can easily track your overall performance at the gym, home, parks, or else with this amazing device.

Moreover, you can track your sleep quality, daily steps, calories burned, and floors climbed using it. You can easily sync it with your smartphones, laptops, or computers through WIFI. It will help you for transmitting your daily data related to the workouts you do and can prepare understandable charts using this data. So, you can monitor your daily, weekly, or monthly progress through these charts.

Barcelona – Smart Cities

Barcelona, one of the famous Spanish cities for many reasons especially for its football club and world-known football players. However, there is another reason for its popularity across the globe, “one of the world’s leading smart cities”. The city owns this title after deploying various initiatives related to the internet of things. The initiatives taken by Barcelona have improved the environment and smart parking in the city which is an amazing achievement.

AT&T – Connected Car

AT&T is a well-reputed name in the telecom industry and its services need no introduction. The company has achieved another milestone and become the first in the industry to open an innovation and car research center.

In A Nut Shell

The technological advancement in this era has transformed our lives to the fullest. Things that we were used to doing in the last decades has no longer useful for us today. From Satellite TV to cable TV, and home phone to smartphone everything has transformed. Life is now more connected and smarter than ever. So, stay on board to remain aware of the latest technologies and innovations.

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Most Popular IoT Devices To Look Out For

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