Motorcycle Safety Guide For New Riders    

Motorcycle Safety Guide For New Riders    

Riding your new motorcycle would naturally bestow you with the essence of freedom. Well, as a beginner, it’s natural to have travel fantasies with your bike. However, this shouldn’t be blinding you to the safety norms that would keep you secure. Remember, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of Canada considers motorcyclists to be highly susceptible to accidents. Neither do they have seatbelts nor airbags to protect them. Over 80% of all motorcycle crashes lead to the death or injury of the riders. This is almost four times as severe as other automobile accidents.

The experts at Surex have come up with specific safety measures for new motorcycle riders. While you can reach out to the experts for the most suitable insurance package, you will also find their advice valuable.

Common Factors Leading To Motorcycle Accidents


At some point, every rider starts as a beginner. Being scared of hitting the road or being overconfident are both dangerous. Given that you lack experience, you are not familiar with your limits. Particularly, they tend to indulge in speeding and erratic braking. This leads to accidents, primarily caused due to inexperience on the part of the riders.


If you have excess drugs or alcohol in your system, the chances of motor accidents are high. It makes some people overtly confident, while others experience fatigue. You must be aware that laws prevent drunk driving in the city. With lesser wheels and no frame around, it wouldn’t be wise to drive in an intoxicated state.

Driving In A Hurry

Carelessness and speeding often account for accidents. When you are in a hurry, you often tend to speed. The science of pressing the accelerator harder to cut down travel time isn’t safe, after all. Mainly, beginners are inexperienced and tend to land up in accidents while driving in a hurry.

Checklist For The Beginners To Remain Safe On Roads

  • Acquiring proper driving skills has no alternative. Make sure to take professional training before you start riding. A safety attitude would help you keep ward off chances of accidents.
  • Fasten your helmet properly when you ride the motorcycle. Also, put on an approved helmet for motorcycles. Crashes mostly happen when you cross the speed of 50 kmph. In these cases, helmets prove to be very effective in preventing injuries to the head.
  • When you are riding at night, make sure to put on highly visible clothing. Also, make sure that you have a properly functional headlight. Put on adequate protective gear and clothing when you ride your motorcycle.
  • Maintain proper communication with other drivers, controlling your lane position. Use your brake lights and other signals intelligibly. Whenever possible, establish eye contact with other motorists on the road.
  • While on the road, maintain adequate distance from other vehicles. This is applicable when you are following someone or are being followed by other motorists. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles when you are passing other vehicles or sharing the lane.
  • Bikers often get involved in single collisions as a result of speeding. When you pass curves or narrow areas, slow down your bike. This would help you gain better control over the vehicle and thereby avoid hazards.
  • Be watchful of the road you would be driving through. This would help you identify and negotiate possible dangers. Once you check out the road ahead of you, you can predict probable dangers and remain mentally prepared for the same. By practicing evasive controls of the bike in secluded areas, you can master instinctive reactions.
  • Remain hydrated and physically fit. Also, focus on your mental agility. Both your physical and mental health has an impact on your safety. Before passing through intersections, look twice. This would save you from left turners or red-light runners.
  • As a beginner, limit the distance that you cover each day. Traveling a distance between 300 to 500 Km. Per day, you can stay comfortable and take breaks as needed.

Have The Right Motorcycle Gears In Place

It’s imperative to have the right kind of motorcycle gear before you start riding. You might be in a dilemma regarding the wide range of gears in the market. While it’s not advisable to cram your movements with excessive gears, make sure to get the best motorcycle gear for beginners you can afford.

The essential equipment includes a good helmet, a pair of riding gloves, proper boots to cover your ankles, a motorcycle jacket, and a pair of pants crafted particularly for motorcycle riders. Consider the part of your body which is worth protecting and invest in gears accordingly.

Knowing The Seasons Well

Motorists should be aware of specific perils in each season. While you cultivate caution, you should know the character of each season well.


While riding in spring, get yourself familiarized with the inconsistency. You might encounter heat, cold, snow, and rain during this period. Before you start riding, take care of your gears and protection.


The summer months would be warmer, but this season would not be too hot to melt asphalt in Canada. During this time, most people go out walking or ride bicycles. When you are on the road, take care of these people on foot.


During this time, you need to be careful of the leaves scattered across the way. This can prove fatal to motorcycle riders. Besides, leaves sometimes hide smaller objects that may throw you off the bike or lead to skidding.


At times, you might encounter blizzards, ice, or snow during winters. It’s recommended not to ride with extreme weather conditions around, particularly if you are a beginner. Keep yourself warm and put on the right gear to be safe.


Being a beginner, you need to be cautious on the roads. Get yourself and your bike covered with the right insurance scheme. It is advisable to consult the experts regarding the most affordable policies for beginners. This would keep you on the economic end while you stay secure against financial commitments arising from accidents.

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Motorcycle Safety Guide For New Riders    

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