5 Ways to Host a Relaxing Movie Night With Family

Movie Night With Family

A 2018 study found that families spent just 37 minutes of “quality time” together on weekdays.

This means that between Monday and Friday, a family may only see each other for less than 4 total hours.

How can you reconnect with everyone’s busy schedules? Is there an activity that you all enjoy? How can you maximize your time together on the weekend?

Keep reading to learn about ways to host a movie night with the family!

1. Plan Ahead

With busy schedules and everyone running in every direction, you will need to be purposeful about your family time. Planning the date in advance that works for everyone can prevent any last-minute changes. It will give everyone something to look forward to during the week as well.

2. Pick A Movie

Perhaps the most difficult part of movie night is picking the movie that you want to watch. Deciding this ahead of time can allow you to enjoy watching the movie and not spend hours deciding what to pick.

Picking a movie that is new to everyone or an old favorite that everyone loves is a good place to start. Choosing a scary movie when only one member of the family enjoys those won’t be the highlight of the movie night.

3. Don’t Forget the Snacks

No movie night is complete without food. You could offer different options each movie night or keep the same options if everyone has a favorite. Preparing the snacks ahead of time can ensure that no one has to stop watching the movie to go grab something if they get hungry.

Offering a variety that suits your family can enhance the movie-watching experience.

4. Rent a Screen and Invite Friends

Have you ever wanted to host the ultimate outdoor movie night? Now you can make this a reality with movie screen rentals.

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious backyard, this is a very feasible activity to host family and friends for. A benefit of having an outdoor screen is that you can spread out the audio so that even people sitting far away can hear the movie well. Or if you plan to invest in a good projector check out the Wemax projector. It is portable and offers a 4K laser projection technology. Your house could become the outdoor theater location for the summer and everyone just needs to bring a chair and some popcorn.

5. Make Movie Night With Family a Tradition

Traditions are fun and creating your own outdoor theater tradition could be an exciting time for your family. With the limited time, you can spend together during the week, this tradition could be the way to relax that you have been looking for as a part of your weekend activities.

Start Planning Today

Now that you have read about ways to host a movie night with family, you can start planning your next movie night today. It can become your tradition to unwind or a way to connect after a long week. Check out our website for more fun ideas like this one.

5 Ways to Host a Relaxing Movie Night With Family

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