10 Must-Know Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses

Must-Know Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses mean more freedom compared to glasses, as they make it easier to play sport or do everyday chores etc. However, it is also essential to maintain good contact lens hygiene in order to enjoy clear vision. Below are some handy tips for you to enjoy a hygienic and clear vision.

Tip 1 – Which Contact Lenses To Go For

Before opting for any contacts, it is important to know what contacts are suitable for you., depending on your need. Contact lenses are available to correct myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness) etc. It is important to consult your contact lens optician for the best advice on what type and brand of contacts you should go for.

Tip 2 – Wash Your Hands

Maintain good hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly before putting your contact lenses in. Dry your hands with lint-free cloth; this is essential as a lint-cloth might transfer the lint particles to your fingers, which eventually might transfer to your lenses when you put them in, causing irritation. 

Tip 3 – Handle With Care

Put The Lenses Right Way In Your Eyes. How To Check?

  • Place The Lens On The Tip Of Your Finger And Hold It Up High Against The Light
  • If The Edges Are Flare Out, It Means Your Lens Is Inside Out; You Might Find Some Lenses Have An Indicator (1,2,3 Indicator), If The Numbers On The Lens Are Backwards, Then The Lens Is Inside Out

Put Your Contact Lenses In Carefully

  • Stand in front of the mirror. Place a lens on the index finger of your dominant hand
  • With your non-dominant hand, hold open your upper eyelid; with the index finger of your dominant hand pull down your lower eyelid (the trick is to stop your eyes from blinking whilst putting your contact lens in)
  • Place the lens on the lower white part of your eyes
  • Look down and close your eyes, move eyes from side to side (this will help the lens to centre)

Tip 4 – Lens Hygiene Is Important

If you’re wearing dailies, dispose of them at the end of the day. Do not reuse your daily lenses; dailies are one-time use lenses and should not be worn for more than 1 day.

2-weekly and monthly lenses require a strict cleaning routine. Follow the below steps to maintain your contact lens hygiene.

  • Wash and dry your hands (with a lint-free cloth) thoroughly before taking your lenses out
  • Take your lenses out, one at a time
  • Place each lens on the palm of your hands and apply a few drops of contact lens solution
  • With your index finger, gently rub the lens for 10 seconds
  • Place the lens in your contact lens case (make sure your case is clean) fill the case with fresh disinfecting solution
  • Repeat this process for the other lens too
  • Leave the lens in the case for as long as recommended on the product packaging

If you have a fast and busy lifestyle or hate cleaning your lenses, daily lenses are all you need; wear them and bin before your bedtime.

Tip 5 – Clean Your Lens Case

Don’t forget about your lens case; it is extremely important to clean and disinfect your contact lens case when you’re using 2-weekly or monthly lenses. Think about it this way – your lenses will be placed in your contact lens case for X amount of time, if your case is dirty, it will contaminate your lenses.

To Clean Your Lens Case:

  • Empty old solution from the case
  • Clean the inside of the case using a lint-free cloth for at least 5 seconds (even the lid)
  • Rinse the case with multi-purpose solution
  • Place the case on a clean tissue or cloth (face down), allow to dry

Replace Your Lens Case Every Three Months.

Tip 6 – Lens Wearing Time

Your eyes deserve a break and fresh air too; do not wear your contacts 24/7. Generally, it is advised not to wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours. However, the wearing time will depend on the type and quality of the lenses. Consult your optician or check the packaging to see the recommended wearing hours.

Tip 7 – Carry Spare Lenses

Backup lenses are important. Always carry extra lenses, you never know when you might need them. Imagine, you rub your eyes and accidently damage your contact lenses; in instances like this, an extra pair of contacts can be useful.

Tip 8 – Switch To Dailies

It’s always more convenient to switch to dailies instead of monthly, 2-weekly, or extended wear contact lenses as you can dispose of them of at the end of the day. However, dailies will cost you a bit more, compared to monthly or 2-weekly contacts. You can still save money and get your daily contact lenses for less with Feel Good Contacts; the UK’s number one online contact lens retailer and the cheapest on the market! They are up to 50% cheaper than any high-street opticians, hence, helping you save even more! Isn’t that a bonus?

Tip 7 – Keep Water Away From Contact Lenses

You should never wear your contact lenses in water. Distilled, purified, or tap water, any form of water contains micro-organisms that can lead to serious eye infection and even vision loss. Be it, whilst taking a shower, swimming, or any other water-based activity, you must avoid contact with water at any cost.

Tip 8 – Spare Pair Of Glasses

A spare pair of glasses can be very useful in situations when your eyes are feeling very dry or irritated because of the weather. Or your eyes might need a break from lenses, as simple as that. If you’re out working or partying for long hours and have already utilised your spare pair of lenses, you can rely on your trusty pair of glasses!

Tip 9 – Never Sleep In Contact Lenses

You should never sleep with your contact lenses in (unless it is recommended by your optician). Sleeping in your lenses can lead to a variety of issues, from as minor as irritation to as serious as eye infections. Everything from taking a 10-minute power nap to a full night’s sleep is a bad idea when you’re wearing lenses. However, if you’ve fallen asleep with your contacts in by mistake, do not take them out immediately. First, try to blink more, drink some water, apply some hydrating eye drops and wait for at least 15 minutes for your eyes to rehydrate, then take them out carefully (remember to wash your hands first).

Tip 10 – No Sharing

Sharing is caring, but not with contact lenses. A rule of thumb – never share your contacts with anyone. Sharing your contact lenses will lead to eye infections and can even cause damage to the cornea as lenses are specific to the size, shape and curvature your eyes, they are not meant for sharing.

10 Must-Know Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses

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