Natural Ways To Decorate for Fall

Decorate for Fall

Do you love decorating for the seasons? Decorating for each season is a great way to liven up a home and give it some personality. Plus, you don’t tire of your decorations as quickly when you’re constantly rotating them with the changing seasons. Don’t fret if you want to decorate but don’t necessarily want to buy things that clutter up your garage when they aren’t in use. Here are some natural ways you can decorate your home for the fall.

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Hay or Straw

When decorating for the fall, hay or straw bales are excellent items to use. You can tie ribbons around them to give them more character or simply use them as a backdrop for a scarecrow to sit on. You can also get bales of different sizes and stack them on each other. Then, use the bales as shelves for decorated pumpkins or fall bouquets Franklin Square NY.


The sky is the limit when it comes to how you can use pumpkins in your fall decorating. You can change things up by painting them a solid color and then add stripes or dots. Or, you can stack staggering sizes together and create a sort of snowman-like pumpkin creation.

If you choose to carve your pumpkins, soak them in a bleach-water solution before you display them. The solution will kill bacteria on the surface and help the carved pumpkins last longer.


Apples are an often overlooked fall decoration, but they’re perfect to use as one. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be a great addition to any table or floral arrangement. Plus, if you leave a simple bowl of apples on the table or countertop, your family will be more likely to grab them for a snack, which is better than choosing candy or chips.

When choosing apples to use as decoration, choose those that are firm and don’t have any obvious bruise spots. Apples can last a long time when treated correctly, but they will quickly start to rot if they’ve been dropped or have spots where they’ve been dinged.

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Natural Ways To Decorate for Fall

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