6 Never To Do Things While Wearing Diamond Rings


Diamond rings are mesmerizing and absolutely breathtaking. However, often these rings have a huge sentimental value attached to them. Not to mention how costly they are.

This is why you must be careful to protect them. Some activities pose a lot of threat to your diamond rings and you should avoid engaging in them while wearing the ring:

Doing The Dishes

Kitchen drains and diamond rings are sworn, enemies. It is very common to hear stories about people dropping their rings into the sink while they were doing the dishes. And it’s not just about that. Most soaps and dishes that you would use for cleaning your dishes contain a variety of chemicals that can be harsh on your ring.

They can harm the metal portions of the ring and impact the shine of the diamond itself. Even the scouring sponges can inflict some damage on the diamond. To avoid all of these potential dangers, it is best to take the ring off your finger before you begin cleaning the dishes.

If you don’t want to take off the ring every time you are using the kitchen sink, you must use some good-quality vinyl gloves and wear them whenever you are on cleaning duty.

Using Hand Soap

Washing your hands thoroughly at regular intervals throughout is very important for your hygiene and helps one avoid a number of diseases.

However, it is not as good for the sparkling diamond ring on your finger. The chemicals present in soaps and hand washes are harmful to the rings and can damage the metal and also impact its shine.

Moreover, your ring can fall into the sink when washing your hands. Whenever you go to your sink to wash your hands, make sure that you take off the ring and place it safely on a counter or keep it in your pocket.

If you are someone who frequently washes their hands, you can invest in a small jewelry box and place it next to your sink to keep your ring secure while you make your hand germ-free.

Bathing And Showering

The chemicals used in hand soaps are also present in body wash and soaps that you use for bathing and showering. Over time, if you keep using these soaps while wearing the ring, the diamond will start looking dull and the metal will lose its shine.

It is also possible that your ring sweeps off while taking bath and find its way into the drain. So, always take off the ring and keep it outside the bathroom or somewhere secure inside it when you go for a bath.

Using Lotions

Hand lotions, sunscreens, and moisturizers have a number of oils and chemicals that are often harmful to the ring. Applying them while wearing the ring can end up damaging the shine of the diamond and impact the metal’s luster.

Always remove the ring when applying any lotion and wear it again only after it has dried off or when you have washed it off.


When summer is around the corner, there is hardly any activity as enjoyable as swimming. Be it swimming in your own pool in the backyard or going to the beach to take a dip in the sea, swimming is a very enjoyable activity.

However, you must remember about the ring on your finger. When you are in a pool or at the beach, you could easily lose the ring while playing a game or simply moving around in the water. And it is highly unlikely that you will find the ring once you have lost it in such an environment.

To avoid this from happening to your precious ring, make sure that you remove it from your finger and keep it at home or put it securely inside a bag before you go into the water.


A lot of people like to spend their time gardening. It is undoubtedly a great activity that helps soothe the mind and makes one’s house look beautiful. If you are someone who loves to get their hands dirty and engage in planting flowers or engaging in other yard work, make sure that you keep your ring out of it.

It is very easy to lose the ring while digging the ground or doing something else. Moreover, there is a high risk of damage from tools.

Even if you are using a pair of gloves to protect your hands and the ring, there can still be some damage to the metal and diamond if they are hit with tools. It is best to place your ring inside your house before you engage in gardening.

Make Sure That You Avoid Wearing Your Diamond Ring Whenever You Engage In These Activities.

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6 Never To Do Things While Wearing Diamond Rings

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