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In both native and non-native English teaching environments, the topic of plagiarism has remained a hot debate among educationists. Many professors testify that when texts produced by students are compared with their sources, the results show the main strategy students use is copying.


On the other hand, students agree plagiarism is a challenge but blame its source for citation challenges. Although not many studies have been done on what makes an effective citation practice in student writing, the use of new technologies in the citation has shown positive results.

Importance of citation in project writing

Citing projects have many benefits to the author. It proves the student has done extensive research because they wouldn’t have gotten the references if they didn’t research. Citation is a way to show responsibility in project writing ethics. A reader is able to track down resources to confirm if they are true. Above all, students do citations to enrich language and to avoid plagiarism.

Citation and plagiarism – how they are interrelated

During citation, a student must indicate all borrowed information and show the specific source. If they don’t show the content they have borrowed, their projects will be marked as plagiarized. Another reason will be if they show the specific source but give improper bibliography.

If a student cites their work, but they do it wrongly, it is counted as if they never cited, and thus their paper is marked as plagiarised. What is termed as the wrong citation is the use of the wrong citation style. A student might use APA to cite their project instead of MLA. Some instructors might be lenient and grade the work but at a lower grade.

If the instructor is stricter, the student will lose the entire project. Plagiarism might not occur in the body of your text but it occurs on the references page simply because you cited wrongly or didn’t cite at all. Citation and plagiarism are therefore interrelated.

Free citation machine for college students

One primary rule for academic project writing is to cite all your sources correctly. This is what will make your project or essay credible but if you want to integrate your references in your research and writing practice, use a free citation tool for college students. One such machine is the APA image citation generator created by college students to help make project writing processes by students easier. These new technologies in the education field are helping students to have new experiences in academic work because they are taking a shorter time to complete projects.

Free citation machine for college students

New technologies as remedy to citation challenges

For a student to cite their project correctly, they must understand how each citation style is used and the type of texts that fit such a style. The instructor might expressly give directions on what style to use for specific projects but if they don’t do so, it will be upon the student to know the right citation style for their project.

This traditional method has helped many students for many years, but its limitations have also had an adverse negative effect on their grades. Due to the many citation styles, there are today, it becomes tougher for students to master each method and use it correctly in their projects.

The impact of technology on education has brought more blessings than curses and one of them is the solution to all citation challenges. Students no longer need to spend many hours cramming and practicing how to use each citation style. All they need to do is understand what style best fits their literature and they use technology to generate the citation correctly.

Why use technology in citation

Another word for citation technology/tools is citation manager or bibliographic management tools. They help students to organize their citations, format them, and manage bibliographies. The major advantage of these tools is their ability to cite automatically and eliminate the need for manual citations.

With a simple click, a student can insert all their references in a document or automatically format their bibliography. The tools help students to create and format annotated bibliographies and format their project’s footnotes automatically in any format they wish. There are many citation management tools in the market, by most writing help services have citation generators.


The use of advanced technologies in the citation of project writing has had profound effects on student productivity and capabilities. Most of its impact can be measured in relation to the decreased levels of plagiarism on student projects and the time that is taken to submit academic papers. In a wider sense, the invention of technologies in education would not have come at a better time owing to the immense benefits for students.

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New Technologies in Citation Writing Projects

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