A Look at 5 of the Nicest Luxury Mansions in the World

Luxury Mansions

Imagine walking through the double doors that lead to a vast lifestyle behind them. What would you include?

A basketball court? A racquetball court? How about a movie theatre or in-home gym?

No matter what type of house you’re interested in, you can make your dream home happen in these mansions. The options are endless!

If you want to keep dreaming, here’s a look at five amazing luxury mansions.

1. Ira Rennert House

Valued at over $249 million, this house is extraordinary with what lies within its walls.

The most unimaginable part of this house? It has its own power plant! We guess that’s what a house on its very own 63 acres of land needs.

In addition to the power plant, the Ira Rennert house has over 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms, not to mention its very own bowling alley and movie theater. Need to entertain guests? The theater seats over 150 people.

In the future, Rennert plans to build a private museum to house his $500 million art collection.

2. L.A. Luxury Mansion

Ah, a house for $250 million. No big deal!

Another one of the nicest mansions around the world is located in L.A.

Its 38,000 square feet features two master suites, 10 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, and a 40-seat theater.

Additionally, this luxury home has two wine cellars full of wine and champagne (probably the nice kind, too). Enjoy a glass of wine or a flute of Prosecco while you hang out at the bowling alley.

If you want some perspective, you could buy 516 homes in L.A. for the same price as this one mansion.

3. Gateway Canyons Ranch

If you’re looking for a mansion that comes with an airplane hangar, you’ve found the one for you! Now you just have to find the $279 million to pay for it all. Since this ranch is over 40 miles from the closest city, the observatory located within the house is perfect for stargazing.

When you’re done stargazing, you have free range of the rest of the 22,000 square foot mansion. You could hang out in the spa or read a book in the enormous library.

So many options to choose from!

4. The One

The One is located in Bel Air, California. It’s priced at a whopping $500 million. The question is: Will anyone take this property? It’s still being built, so it’s still up for grabs!

This luxury mansion has over 20 bedrooms. How big is the biggest one? It’s a mere 5,500 square feet on its own.

That’s bigger than the average house.

If you don’t get lost in the master suite, you can wander over to one of the five swimming pools on the property. Or if you don’t feel like relaxing, head over to the six-lane bowling alley to get in some exercise for the day!

5. Casa Encantada

Another one of the best mansions located in Bel Air? Yes!

Casa Encantada is priced at $225 million. If you can’t afford The One, you can get this one for half the price!

Casa Encantada has its own gardens and tennis court for you to stay active and enjoy the beauty of the 40,000 square foot property.

Love These Luxury Mansions?

Are you now dreaming about what you can add to your house after reading about these luxury mansions? Thinking about adding a bowling alley to your home? Maybe two or three more swimming pools?

Keep on dreaming!

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A Look at 5 of the Nicest Luxury Mansions in the World

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