5 Reasons Why Offline Advertising Is Still Worthwhile

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In an increasingly digital world, too many people have become dependent on technology. They work on computers, communicate through smartphones and apps; they’re even using smartwatches to tell the time as if a regular watch can’t do that anymore. We get the reason behind all this. It’s cool, it saves time, it allows you to reach people who are far away and so on. Similar principles apply to advertising. But some businesses have ditched offline marketing entirely in favor of its digital counterpart. Is this a wise choice?

It’s true that online marketing provides virtually limitless options in terms of design, color and platforms through which your advertising can be broadcast. However, there are keystone offline advertising media such as branded posters, large billboards and other types of custom business signage that businesses should keep in mind.

1- Offline Advertising Gets You Around Ad Block Software

A lot of businesses believe that their ads are guaranteed to be seen on smartphones, computers or other digital devices. There’s just one problem with that. People are getting increasingly wary of ads popping up on their screens. Based on a study conducted by the Statista Research Department, over 763 million people had adblock software installed on their devices as of 2019. We can be fairly certain that this number has only increased since then.

This is where offline advertising has an upper hand. There isn’t any software that can block a strategically placed billboard spotlighting your products and services. If that billboard’s well lit at night, it will capture the attention of every person who lays eyes on it.

2- You’re Running Out of Space in the Virtual World

Have you ever heard of digital saturation? What about digital fatigue? Let me explain it like this. Digital saturation reflects the reality that there are currently over two billion websites on the internet. This number keeps on rising. Internet users simply don’t have the time to go over 99.99% of these websites. This means that they can’t absorb most of the ads and information floating around the virtual realm. You can fit more advertising on the web but you can’t guarantee that your ad will be seen.

Let me give you an example that applies to us all. We come home after a long day at work, plop down onto the couch and grab our phones, cause who even watches TV anymore? The moment we open an app, we’re bombarded with ads. As we scroll over them, the first few may catch our eye and we might even like them. But after a while, we see so many of these ads that they become like distant white noise. The sheer number of online ads we’re exposed to on a daily basis has made us numb.

Is there a solution for this dilemma? Well, there’s always been one. It’s called traditional advertising. Installing a large billboard or sticking a poster on your shop window will solve the conundrum. At least when you’re using your own store window, you won’t have to compete for advertising space. It’ll be bigger than a phone screen and people walking by who are interested in your offer can walk right in – all in real time.

3- Online Ads Aren’t the Only Way to Advertise On-the-Go

The main advantage of online advertising is that it’s accessible to people no matter where they are. At home, work, school, on the subway… everywhere. But after considering the problems highlighted above, there’s a more noticeable way to implement mobile advertising without the need for smartphones.

Having a fleet of wrapped company cars roaming the streets is a great means of reaching a massive audience. People will pay attention to anything that stands out in traffic, and a wrapped car is one of those things. This solution guarantees views in a way that not even a YouTube video can.

Unlike while surfing the web, people don’t have a choice but to stop and stare at your vehicle ads while they’re stuck in traffic. Using appealing graphics as car wraps is a recipe for advertising success.

4- 3D Signage That Oozes Class in HD

You’ve definitely seen attempts at 3D advertising on your phone. How impressed were you by them? The graphics usually look a bit rough and the image lags as you try to turn it. The only appeal is that it’s innovative. What if I told you that 3D signs have been a part of outdoor advertising all along? Who needs a digital representation when you’ve got the real thing!

A great majority of businesses have already invested in these signs. They look good, they provide high visibility from multiple angles and they’re simply classy. I’m willing to bet that most people appreciate a touch of class in their advertising.

The upside? Classy doesn’t necessarily mean a huge expense or intricate designs. Simply placing your company logo as a 3D display outside your corporate office, in your lobby or on your storefront can show off your brand in elegant fashion.

5- It Doesn’t Demand a Lot of Upkeep

Digital advertising campaigns are extremely high maintenance. They require constant updates, bug fixes, upgrades, redesign – a lot of work. Online campaigns have to reflect temporary occasions, holidays, seasonal shifts and even one-time events. Offline advertising, on the other hand, doesn’t require so much money and effort. Most signs like banners and backlit displays serve their purpose for a long time, don’t cost nearly as much and can often be reused the following year for holidays and other repeating promotions.

We’re not making the outrageous claim that traditional marketing alone is capable of bearing the entire load of advertising. You can’t ditch digital advertising and rely solely on traditional advertising media. What we are saying is that the two disciplines are complementary. They work best in combination. One makes up for where the other falls short. After all, it does take two to tango.

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5 Reasons Why Offline Advertising Is Still Worthwhile

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