OLIGHT Baldr S Weapon Light

OLIGHT Baldr S Weapon Light

Today we’re going to look into our review of the Olight Baldr S weapon light. We’ll first cover the specifications and features of the Baldr S before offering our views about the light once we’ve had the chance to play with it. For a final review, we’ll examine it against an identical model, the Baldr Mini. Olight has been producing lighting since 2007. Since then, they’ve grown into a global brand with handlamps, gun lights, and even weapon lighting that work effectively, have five years of warranty, and are available at an affordable cost. We’re hugely impressed with the products Olight has been producing. Olight Baldr S Olight Baldr S is a small-sized, form-factor light for weapons that can be attached to Glock and Picatinny rails. It comes with accessories to connect to either. It’s a small, lightweight unit with a weight of only 3.35oz and can be removed and taken off easily using a simple release lever.

The Baldr S BL Gunmetal Grey Rail Mounted Light features a light and blue laser. The highest output for the lamp is 800 lumens. When you have that light and the blue laser turned on, you can anticipate about half an hour of running time. When you select the lower setting of 100 lumens without lasers, users can anticipate around 2 hours of running time.

To thoroughly test our experience with the Olight Baldr S, we’ve been using it for several months now using the Glock 17, and we enjoy it! We visited the shooting range on a sunny day to test how the laser performs and its accuracy.

We tested the lights in our backyard and inside our home to test how the lights could work in a home security scenario. We even saw an armadillo playing around, tearing our lawn!

What We Love

Compact And Lightweight

Baldr S is flush with the trigger’s lower guard and short enough not to extend beyond the barrel. This allows it to feel like part of the gun. Due to its lightweight nature, it doesn’t impart any weight noticeable onto the side of the firearm while shooting.

Contrary to other models with lasers, unlike some competitors, the Olight Baldr S has the laser housed in its casing that houses the flashlight. This results in a more sleek design and doesn’t need an extra jut out under it to accommodate the laser. We like the compact dimensions of the.

Easy Operation And Quick Release

In contrast to one of our light guns made by a rival that we have reviewed, this one, the Olight Baldr S, has a quick-release switch that makes it easy to switch on and off the gun. When it’s activated, it will be on for a while. Baldr S sits against the front of the trigger guard. The two switches for the light are wrapped around the guard, making it easy to turn on the laser and light and set up from a standard shot location. The laser is sufficiently bright to be visible easily regardless of direct light, but we think it is a great nighttime defense setup for your home.

Magnetic Charging

Some light sources for weapons require the removal of the entire unit to replace the battery. However, the Olight is superior in this way too. To charge the light, there’s an electronic connector at the back part of the lamp. It also includes a USB cord that has a magnetic connector to connect it to for quick and convenient charging. It’s very simple to use and performs well.

We were initially unsure about it, but after trying it out, it’s an extremely useful feature. The good thing about this is that If you have a plug close to where you store the gun, you’ll be able to charge it anytime your gun is in the area quickly. Even in an emergency, you can pull it out, and it’s prepared without worrying about changing a battery or removing a charger.


After we installed the Glock 17, the laser was already precise enough for defense shooting, and we didn’t have to alter the laser at all. But, if you discover that you require a zero adjustment for your light or laser, it is possible to do this effortlessly using the Allen key. It’s easy to do since the controls are well-labeled on the lamp’s sides.

We recommend putting your gun into a vice to reduce the sight. For a quick and simple solution, it’s also possible to utilize a table or flat surface to support your shot so that it is as stable as possible. After each shot, make small adjustments to the control. Be aware that a little tweak can make a big difference.

We’ve been awed by how light and user-friendly this Bauldr S is, and we believe it’s an excellent laser and light combination for guns you plan to use for self-defense at home or medium distances.

A Few Drawbacks

We generally like this model. Baldr S, as you will see. Of course, no product is flawless, and we have a few minor problems with this model.

  1. We’d like to see the option of a strobe function for the light. We believe this light is great for home defense; the possibility of disorienting any potential danger would have made the light more appealing to our eyes.
  2. The battery duration is a little short of our liking. This is evident because we find the light to be slightly less powerful than a similar Streamlight that could result from a more focused beam in the Baldr S. Its light is also a bit smaller than the Baldr; however, this isn’t too significant.

At the price you can purchase at the Baldr S, we think it’s an extremely appealing option for those looking for an above-average laser and light combo for self-defense guns. Our criticisms of this Baldr S are usually in contrast to more expensive lights from other brands, which speaks quite a bit regarding the quality of light and overall value offered in this review.

Comparative Comparison With The Baldr Mini

If you’re browsing through Flights, you’ve likely seen the Mini. The Mini and S models are quite alike, but the Mini has a few slight variations.

  • Baldr S Baldr S has a brighter light (800 lumens) contrasted with. that of the Mini’s (600 lumens)
  • The Mini is also a bit smaller. Mini has a smaller runtime across all settings, typically just a few minutes shorter than its Baldr S.
  • Mini weighs less than the Baldr S. Mini is a bit lighter at .3oz, smaller than Baldr S, which we think is due to the battery.
  • Mini is not equipped with the same light levels. The Mini isn’t equipped with the two light levels (bright/dim) that Baldr S has. Baldr S has.

They Are Both Durable, Well-Constructed Lighting Fixtures That Can Do The Job Right.


In this article, we’ve talked about our thoughts on the Olight Baldr S. Overall, and it’s durable, simple to operate, and easy to operate with a laser and light combo which makes a great small light for a weapon similar to that of our Glock 17.

We’d like it to have a strobe option; however, the easy installation and charging capabilities make it a compelling choice for those looking for an item that isn’t too complicated. Even if Olight were not generous enough to give us one in the interest of conducting the review, we’d look at them and decide to buy one and suggest them to you.

OLIGHT Baldr S Weapon Light

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