5 Parking Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

Parking Tips

Are you tired of struggling to find parking when you attend a major event? Do you wish there was a way to save on parking the next time that you go downtown? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about different parking tips.

Doing so can help you understand how to find parking before you even hop in your vehicle to drive there. Through just a bit more planning, you can save a good amount on your parking.

See below for an in-depth guide with parking tips that every car owner needs to know to save money, secure your car while it’s parked in public, etc.

1. Know Your Parking Options

Imagine the horror of getting all the way to the game or activity you’ve been looking forward to, then finding out that you have to pay for parking. Unfortunately, many people have to deal with this unforeseen expense.

If you’re going to a location of major interest, such as the downtown area, then you should expect to pay for parking. If you wait until the moment you arrive to pay for parking, you’ll be paying out the wazoo for it!

In fact, you could end up paying around $5 an hour for parking at the event. Fortunately, there is a way to save on those costs. By being a bit proactive, you can save on parking by getting yourself a budget-friendly rate.

Let’s use State Farm Arena as an example. Most people attending the Hawks game are interested in getting parking right down the road from the arena. If they wait until arriving for tip-off, they aren’t likely to get a parking spot at all.

However, if they were to use the ParkMobile app before the game, they could view all of the different options at State Farm Arena, book one, then have it waiting for them when they arrive!

2. Use Credible Lots

We get it. You have enough to worry about before the big event. If you’re a mom or dad, you have to collect all the kids, pile them into a car, fight Atlanta traffic, then somehow manage to get to the game on time. That job certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

Once you arrive, you might get turned away at the lot that you were planning on parking at. When that happens, desperation starts to set in. You find yourself cruising around, jumping at any opportunity that’s cost-efficient and relatively close to the arena/stadium.

But is that proximity or price point worth the risk of having your car broken into? What if you park in a lot that packs your car in with no pathway to get out? You wouldn’t be able to leave if the kids start to get fussy or the game gets out of hand for the home team.

Make sure that you’re using credible lots. If you have even the slightest hesitation using the lot, find a better option. Again, this inconvenience can be entirely avoided if you book ahead of time with the ParkMobile app.

3. Back Your Car In

We all know the slight letdown that you feel when you realize you have to battle Atlanta traffic after the game is finished. Even if the Hawks, Falcons, Atlanta United, or Braves win, you have at least an hour-long excursion ahead of you, which can be demoralizing.

However, there is a way that you can cut time off waiting for someone to let you back out of your spot: back your car in when you first get there.

Atlanta drivers are notoriously bullish. They all want to get home as quickly as possible and are especially impatient when the event they attended doesn’t go their way.

Back your car in when you first land the parking spot. That way, you can pull out of the spot as soon as you see a window of opportunity and be on your way. Of course, be careful and make sure to look both ways.

4. Go As Compact As Possible

Depending on the parking spot that you find, your car might be a sitting duck. Drivers of all ages, levels of experience, and skill (or lack thereof) will be parking near your car.

You don’t want to assume that your truck or SUV is safe parking in a compact spot. Make sure to drive a car that is as compact as possible for the number of people you’re driving.

That way, you have more space between your car and the others that drive/park around it.

5. Give Yourself Time Beforehand

In other words, get there early. You want to get there as soon as possible to give yourself an advantage.

First, it allows you to snag a spot close to the exit in the parking lot, therefore reducing the time you spend waiting in traffic after the game/event is over.

Second, it allows you ample time to get to the stadium, get in your seats, get some snacks, and all that good stuff. No one enjoys feeling rushed when they park their car. Give yourself time to enjoy the entire experience. Even the excitement of walking up to the venue.

Use These Parking Tips to Your Advantage

Now that you have seen several parking tips that can help you save on money, time, and protect your car better, be sure to use them to your benefit.

The moral of this article is to plan. The more thought and preparation you put into your parking before the event, the better off you’ll be.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on parking tips, as well as many other topics that will be of good use to you!

5 Parking Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

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