PC Games 2023: Ranking Top

PC games 2023 ranking top

To those who wish to fill their PC collecting with some new games, here we thought we’d collect a selection of our most requested 2023 games, and those that will be released this coming year.

Street Fighter 6

Long-time Street Fighter aficionados will be happy to be seeing the first major Street Fighter release since 2016. For sure to be named as one of the top PC games of 2023, the franchise is going to get a lot bigger than ever before. It will certainly be in the public eye, given Capcom’s ambition to flip the idea of gaming the series and the fighting genre. New World Tour modes will surely be the highlight of the upcoming title.

Final Fantasy 16

The sixteenth Final Fantasy series probably also will be among the top games of 2023 on the PC. If the previews are true, Square Enix did try to make this even more fascinating this edition by improving the combat dynamic. You also will be able to get the game via Torrent sites, such as piratesbay. These sites are constantly updated, so you can download the legal version of the game.

Diablo IV

Blizzard is returning with Diablo IV. This iteration of the RPG has become what many dubs “Return to Darkness.” Faithful Diablo franchise aficionados can look forward to a nice upgrade in the way of player character personalization.

Adding an open World and PvP modes will also help make Diablo IV a list of the best titles of 2023 on PC, alongside some excellent freemium-free games.


Bethesda Game Studios’ flagship feature is slated for an upcoming year, putting it as a solid candidate to be on our Best PC Games of 2023 list. Starfield is a cross-galactic action game, described by Todd Howard, the producer, as “Skyrim in space.”

The action of what is to be found in 2310. You’ll be in the epicenter of a war fought between the United Colonies and the Freestar Community. It is quite possible that the games in the space age, especially in Starfield, will be on your list among the Best PC Games of the Year 2023.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Fans of 2005’s Resident Evil 4 will be happy to hear how Capcom reboots this version of the survival game horror classics of 2023. You’ll take charge of U.S. Agent Leon S. Kennedy, who must save U.S. President Ashley Graham.

You’ll take on American agent Leon S. Kennedy to save U.S. President Ashley Graham. It has all those trappings necessary to end up on the list of the best PC games of 2023.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

BioWare in partnership with Electronic Arts will publish the fourth Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the fourth in the series. The title will be the next logical continuation of Dragon Age: Inquisition, but the elven wizard Solas will become our main hero.

Just look at the MMORPG 2022 ranking to see if we can find exactly what this franchise is about. Dragon Age fantasy RPG has been a great hit since its 2009 launch, making it a deserving entry on our list for the top PC games of 2023!


Luminous Productions is about to reveal one of its first novelties of 2023 on January 24, which makes it a claim to the title of the best PC Game of 2023. Forspoken ─ is an RPG in an immersive and open world. You will be controlling the main character ─ Frey, ─ a regular girl who finds herself from New York City to the fantastic world of Atia.


It’s the lone first-person shooting game included in our Best PC Games of 2023 list, though worthy of note. Arkane Austin has incorporated solo and co-op multiplayer options into it, to hunt for vampire adversaries hiding behind any corner.

PC Games 2023: Ranking Top

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