Modern Kitchens Trends: 2022 Edition

Modern Kitchens

Today’s modern kitchen serves as a multifunctional living space, catering to the everyday life of its inhabitants and will be found brimming with sophisticated design solutions and features that protrude both aesthetic elegance and practicality. The modern kitchen design of today will boast a combination of personality and purpose whilst making the kitchen the talking point of the home.

Although some design features trends will come and go out of style, some designs to be found in modern kitchens are timeless classics that are on trend year in year out. As 2022 is well underway, just what are the modern kitchen trends of 2022 to look out for?

Shades of green

Looking back at the modern kitchen style trends of 2020, one design feature that dominated the style trend was incorporating brooding blue hues for the kitchen cabinetry design feature. A darker style of blue was prominently a firm favourite for achieving bold statements by striking contrasts with white gloss worktops. However still very much in trend, For 2022, the leading colour for the modern kitchen design trends is all shades of green.

Shades of delicate sage greens will be embedded into the contemporary kitchen styles, whilst for the more classic kitchen designs, deep rich tones of traditional forest greens or perhaps elegant emeralds will be a popular choice of colour scheme especially in a Shaker Kitchen. The earthy tones of green will help forge a connection with nature and create a sense of wellness and energy in any kitchen space. A level of opulence can be reached within a design finish when dark hues of green contrast seamlessly with ivory marble worktops and the addition of bronze, copper, or brass elements.

Sophisticated storage solutions

The need for sophisticated storage solutions is a timeless modern kitchen trend and is one of the more practical design features that need to be accounted for when choosing a new kitchen. A modern kitchen will require clever storage solutions for a streamlined finish that can deliver on maximum space in order to achieve that decluttering feel to a kitchen. 

Well placed and hidden storage solutions in particular will be a top trend for the modern kitchens of 2022. The kitchen can become a busy working environment where kitchen essentials such as appliances, cutlery and ingredients will be put to use day in day out. A traditional butler style of unit, the ‘kitchen larder’, is a popular trend for 2022 and can take on a more traditional design, or have a modern sleek finish on the classic. This is a perfect storage solution that maximises both practicality and elegance. A floor to ceiling open display larder made of fine oak with integrated shelves and a spice rack finished in a stylish sage green will create a fine statement to any kitchen style. 

Concealed appliances

For those looking to really optimise on living space, concealed appliances are a growing trend for 2022. The popularity of discreet storage solutions is a trend that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Full height cabinetries with integrated appliances such as a cooker, fridge or dishwasher can help achieve a seamless finish to a kitchen design whilst freeing up kitchen space. A hidden breakfast station is a growing trend, whereby coffee machines, toasters and kettles can be concealed within a cabinet in order to free up worktop space.

One key design trend that is rising in popularity for many homeowners looking to achieve a grandeur statement is an integrated wine cooler. Although seen as a status symbol and more towards high-end kitchens, different types of wine coolers are now targeting different pricing budgets.

Modern takes on traditional styles

Traditional style kitchens with a modern take is a popular trend for 2022. Common to traditional kitchen styles is a classical shaker cabinetry feature. One of the best ways to achieve a modern finish on the traditional style is to create a statement by opting for contemporary trends of colour, like a bold forest green or a dark navy. Two-tone kitchen designs will add more of a modern feel to the finish and is a definite trend for this year. Opt for darker shade units that will contrast with lighter shades that make up the rest of the kitchen. 

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Modern Kitchens Trends: 2022 Edition

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