Primepoint is the New York Giants Payroll Processor

Primepoint has been named the official payroll processor by the New York Football Giants. Primepoint will offer payroll processing and payroll tax services. They offer tailored solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of different industries, which is what sets them apart from their competitors. The team is looking forward to implementing these solutions. These are the top reasons they were chosen to be the official payroll processor for the New York Giants. We are excited to have them on our payroll team.

The Giants have a large payroll to fill, but there is no cap space. However, a few key free agents are unrestricted and can be found on the team’s cap. G Will Hernandez, DT Austin Johnson and DT Nate Solder are all free agents. Giants could also remove RB Mathias Kiwanuka from their roster, who has a cap hit of $7.45 million. That move would result in $2.625 million in dead money. The Giants would add another $4.825 million to their cap, or a new WR.

The Giants were active in free agency despite the cap. OG Mark Glowinski signed a three-year, $20 million contract, while QB Tyrod Taylor signed a two-year, $11 million deal. RB Ricky Seals-Jones, Jon Feliciano, and CB Matt Breida signed one-year contracts. If all goes well, the Giants could find themselves with between one and two million dollars in cap space.

Besides Taylor, the Giants could also cut RB Devontae Booker, tight end Kyle Rudolph, and punter Riley Dixon. These moves would free up $10 million on the Giants’ cap. Sterling Shepard could be the next salary-shoot to drop. Shepard has been with Giants for six seasons. His contract is guaranteed at $12.5million through 2022. He could easily become a cap casualty, but he is the most underpaid player on the team.

With a few players coming off the injury list, the Giants are trying to stay under the salary cap until the end of 2022. The Giants have limited salary-cap space and multiple holes to fill. The 2022 NFL Draft is only weeks away and the Giants will need to begin planning for the promising rookies. They must reduce Shepard’s salaries as much as possible. In order to avoid the 2021 salary cap, they must make significant cuts in their roster.

Besides a quarterback, the Giants have a lot of high-end draft picks and could trade up or down to land a quarterback. A seventh-round pick would count for $4.9 million against the cap, and the sixth-round pick would be worth $10.8 million. Between rounds two and seven, the Giants have seven draft picks. The Giants are likely to trade down for one of those picks and save some money in the process.

The Giants won’t be extending Bradberry’s contract due to his $21.8 million cap hit. However, they hope to save as much money as possible in the interim. The Giants have nine draft picks next month. They have plenty of time to add to their roster and should be able gain some relief next year when the cap hits $21.8 million. While Schoen is pursuing a few free agents, he has been focused on a trio of goals. Among them were finding a starting guard, a backup quarterback, and some depth. He’s been successful in all three of those goals, as well as adding competition to the back of the roster.

Primepoint is the New York Giants Payroll Processor
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