Quick Ways To Get a PMP Certificate


Today’s business world is tough and competitive, where all the operations are strategic and well planned. Almost every organization needs a well-managed team that can handle all the project issues and matters is called a project management team. So nowadays, project management is a crucial part of every company as it helps them run their business smoothly. It plays a vital role in every organization as it allows teams to focus on the work that matters only and free from the distractions caused by tasks going not being proper or going out of budget. Project management also ensures what is being delivered, what is right and fair and can deliver real value of effort.

Almost 97% of the organizations around the world believe that project management is very important for better business performance and organizational success, as the PWC study reports. Many experts say that organizations can face the problem of having the project completed on time or maybe project failure without project management. It will also be hard to create accountability in the team, and it would be harder to keep the team in the same spirit and same place. 

Therefore several companies are implementing project management strategies for their project operations to achieve business goals at the right time and within the budget limits. It results in the increased demand for skilled project managers who have experienced PMP training from any reputed provider. 

Here we are going to discuss some of the important ways to get PMP certification easily and smoothly to start a career in this domain. 

What is PMP Certification?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional Certification. It is a credential that can help you land a successful career in the project management field. It can help you become a successful project manager and skilled expert in other important, relevant job roles. PMP is the world’s leading certification that involves predictive, hybrid, and agile approaches, expertise, and project leadership in any way of working. Project professionals specially design it for project professionals that can validate your expertise and skills related to the People, Processes, and Business environment. 

PMP certification can prove you have the appropriate project leadership skills. It is a gold standard in the domain and has worldwide recognition and demand. This certification involves Predictive, Agile, and Hybrid approaches. 

The cost for PMP certification for the year 2021 was $405 for PMI members and  $555 for non-PMI members, Where membership was $129 for a year along with a one-time application fee of $10. So it can be an efficient way of achieving certification with PMI membership. 

Quick Ways to Get PMP Certificate

There are some fundamental steps to be taken to get a PMP certified professional. Let us know about them.

  • Eligibility- First of all, there are no prerequisites to get the PMP certificate, but to start the journey, basic educational requirements like a 4-year degree along with 4500 hours of directing and leading projects, or a secondary degree with 7500 hours of leading and directing projects, to be fulfilled. 35 hours of formal project management education is also required to begin learning the course.
  • Get Registered- Now the first formal step is to get registered on the PMI website and become a member of PMI and your local chapter. Now get enrolled in the PMP course and get 35 hours of training to get 35 PDUs ( PMI’s education requirement ).
  • Take your PMP Exam- Now, these are the practical steps to get your PMP certification. Go for PMP classroom training sessions and dates to match your timings and requirements.

Fill out the application form properly and submit it to PMI for approval.

Get your eligibility code from PMI via email. You will get the payment request once your online application has been confirmed to be complete. 

Pay your certification fee accordingly if you are a PMI member or a non-PMI member( as mentioned above).

 Now is the time to fix your PMP exam on the PMI app, my.pmi.org; You can go for an online proctored testing solution or take the exam at a Pearson VUE test center.

After the formalities of applying for the PMP credential, you must start working on your studies, work hard with determination, make detailed study plans, and study the PMBOK guide as it is a primary reference for the exam.

Get prepared to attend the exam with all the essential documents. Your aim should be to score at least 80% or higher.

  • Get Your Certification- It is the final step to getting PMP certified by achieving PMP certification. You will receive an email of congratulation from PMI within one or two weeks after the exams, and you will get officially registered in PMI. Congrats, you have achieved a Project Management Professional Certification.
  • Maintain Your Certification- To maintain the PMP certification, it is required to engage in continuous professional development and progress. 

PDU Requirements- PMP certification requires earning a certain number of PDUs over a fixed period of time. All you need is to earn 60 PDUs for PMP certification and 30 PDUs for PMI-ACP ( Agile Certified Professional).

Renewal Of Certification-  Renewal of certification is also required after a specific period of time. Suppose you are already earning PDUs and want to start the renewal process. In that case, you must learn about the Continuing Certification Requirements System, which is an easy tool for online reporting of your earned PDUs.

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Quick Ways To Get a PMP Certificate

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