How to Become ITIL Certified?

How to Become ITIL Certified

ITIL certification has become the talk of the town. Necessarily, the average salary of ITIL-certified professionals makes everyone go crazy. These certifications are a must-have if you wish to climb the stairs of success in your professional endeavor. Besides, many companies want to hire only ITIL-certified professionals for managerial roles.

Appearing for the ITIL certification exam and passing it gives you tremendous career growth, more opportunities, a higher salary, and whatnot. Also, the ITIL industry is rapidly booming and has become the most prominently accepted certification worldwide. It explains why ITIL certifications are necessary among industry professionals.

After learning so much about ITIL certification, you might be willing to get a certificate for yourself. Isn’t it? But the question is, how to become ITIL certified? It would help get the perfect solution before preparing for the exam and becoming ITIL-certified. Don’t worry; we are here to satiate your concern!

Below is an ultimate resource on cracking ITIL 4 certification in the blink of an eye. Keep reading!

What Exactly is ITIL Certification?

Till now, we have mentioned ITIL quite a few times. You might be wondering what it means after all, especially if you are new to the domain.

So, what do ITIL certifications mean?

Essentially, these certifications are senior-level qualifications. ITIL certifications verify a person’s knowledge of ITIL frameworks and assess their asset and IT infrastructure management abilities in corporate environments. It has five levels: foundation, practitioner, intermediate, expert, and professional.

Now, let’s get a glimpse of the benefits of cracking ITIL certifications below.

  • Since ITIL is one of the most renowned certifications, you can get better jobs with lucrative salaries.
  • Most top-notch companies hire ITIL-certified professionals to manage their workflows. So, these certifications are a sure-shot way of getting into such organizations.
  • You can get more opportunities worldwide by cracking ITIL certifications at the earliest.

What are ITIL Certification Prerequisites?

Are you excited about these certifications? But, before doing anything, you should know if you are eligible to appear for the examination or not.

Let’s check the prerequisites to appear in ITIL certification exams right below!

1. ITIL Foundation

Aimed to introduce ITIL frameworks to candidates and test their fundamental domain understanding, ITIL Foundation is the first step to becoming an ITIL professional.

Here are its prerequisites.

  • You should know about ITIL frameworks.
  • It would help if you had prior experience in the industry.
  • Understanding the four dimensions of service management is a must to appear in the ITIL Foundation exam.

2. ITIL Practitioner

This certification is all about providing you with sufficient knowledge of technical and practical aspects of ITIL. It offers three credits towards the expert certification. Let’s walk through its prerequisites.

  • It would be best to understand adapting and aligning IT businesses with ITIL frameworks.
  • Also, you might consider having previous industry experience to find the exam content to be relatable.

3. ITIL Intermediate

The prestigious ITIL certification assesses your in-depth understanding of various sides of IT service management.

Here are the prerequisites of the ITIL intermediate certification.

  • It would help if you had an extensive understanding of the relevant modules.
  • Again, some experience in the industry will help you soar through the curriculum effortlessly.

4. ITIL Expert

As the name suggests, the ITIL expert certification is an advanced exam. It tests your knee-deep understanding of all ITIL experts and assesses if you can help companies leverage the principles.

Are you wondering about the requirements for the ITIL expert certification exam? Here is your answer!

  • It requires you to have prior experience in the industry.
  • You must gather 17 credits from the foundation, practitioner, and Intermediate-level exams.
  • Also, you must crack the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) exam. Thus, the total credit jumps to 22.

5. ITIL Master

Since the ITIL Master certification is the topmost exam, it tests your 360-degree knowledge and practical exposure to the ITIL frameworks. It has rigorous requirements like the following ones.

  • You should have passed the Expert certification.
  • Furthermore, it would help to have at least five years of experience in the ITIL industry.

Once you qualify these requirements, you become eligible for the subsequent interview with assessment panels.

Moving on, let’s analyze the skills you should possess to become an ITIL-certified professional.

Some Essential ITIL Certification Skills

The ITIL certifications expect you to be a warehouse of relevant framework knowledge and practical exposure.

Besides, it tests you on more grounds and skills mentioned right below.

  • Business Relationship Management (BRM)
  • DevOps knowledge and hands-on experience
  • Managerial skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Analytical mindset
  • Innovative
  • Believer in collaboration
  • Self-starter
  • Experienced
  • Knowledge of ITIL frameworks
  • Customer management
  • Flexibility and agility
  • Adaptivity with new technologies

These skills are a must-have to perform excellently in ITIL exams. Now, let’s understand how to prepare for ITIL certifications.

How Do You Prepare for ITIL Certifications?

By now, you must have understood that preparing for ITIL certifications is challenging. You are required to take the best preparatory pathway to skyrocket the learning and qualify for the ITIL exams.

Here are the two most popular methods of preparing for ITIL certification exams.

  • Self-Study

Undoubtedly, self-study is the most popular method of preparing for ITIL exams. Since professionals get constricted free time, they prefer curating the timeline according to their convenience and studying by themselves.

Although self-study sounds simple, it encompasses numerous challenges, primarily assessing the right curriculum and resources.

  • Online Courses

Another convenient and self-paced preparation mode is an online course. Apart from offering a well-defined curriculum, proficient instructors, and analysis in the form of tests, these sessions can be a savior if you are new to competitive exams.

These courses are highly cost-effective and guarantee to crack the ITIL exams in a shot. All you need is to analyze the customer feedback, syllabus, and instructors to choose the best training among all sessions available online.

After clearing all the above steps and choosing the best option between self-study and online courses, you become eligible to take an ITIL exam and become a certified professional. So, go and get your certificate now!

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How to Become ITIL Certified?

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