10 Great Reading Lights For Bed

Reading Lights For Bed

Need a great reading light for bed? Don’t want to struggle with traditional lighting, when you just want to unwind with a great book at nighttime? Then you’re in luck!

With tons of styles for lighting, we’ve compiled a list of 10 that are the best, flexible, and power-efficient for your nighttime needs!

1. LEDGLE Rechargeable LED Book Light


The LEDGLE Rechargeable LED Book Light is lightweight and flexible to use when looking for the best reading lights for bed. With its hands-free feature, you won’t have to fiddle with the light as you read at nighttime. Its flexibility comes from the fact that you can place the device around your neck – comfortable to the touch – and you can adjust its arms to aim the light at what you’re reading. Though, it lacks a wall adapter for its USB charging cord. However, that problem can be solved if you already have an extra adapter on you.

2. Vekkie/LuminoLite Rechargeable 7 LED Book Light


Vekkia LuminoLite’s reading light for bed is also a convenient and flexible option. With multiple light settings and a neck that can be adjusted for your needs, this light makes reading at bedtime simpler. It comes with a USB charging cord which, like the first light mentioned in this article, can be plugged into any wall adapter that you may have. Plus, you only need a simple click to adjust the lighting, whether you need bright light in a dark bedroom, or want to dim the lights a little if you’re on an airplane with other people. Just keep in mind: The light’s clip can be hard on paperback books. Consider placing a cloth or a sheet of paper before you clip the light onto your book.

3. Vont Clip-On Reading Light

Vont Clip-On Reading Light

Now, when searching for these kinds of lights, also consider the Vont Clip-On light. This clip-on may be sturdy to the touch, but it’s also lightweight, meaning that it’s easy to place on your book. Or, you can place the device on your headboard for overhead lighting. The charging power is also efficient since it charges fully in 1 to 3 hours, giving you up to 8 hours of usage.

4.Clip Reading Book Daylight

Raniaco’s LED clip is considered one of the most stylish reading light for bed, because of its ultra-modern sci-fi appearance. Plus, its innovation comes from its easy clipping ability, its long-lasting battery life, and its durability.  Not only can you clip it anywhere you want in your bedroom, but when you decide to go camping, you can clip it onto your tent so that it acts as an overhead reading light for bed. 

While the clip itself can be a little bulky at times, its sturdy nature can still help in standing put on desks, headboards, and other hard surfaces. Plus, the 3 brightness settings are all you need, so you’ll forget about the bulkiness right away.

5. Ecological Mart Book Light

Adjustment options are abundant in Ecological Mart’s reading light for bed. However, unlike its competitors, not only does its lights work effectively, but it’s also the cheaper option if you don’t want to break the bank. Even though the battery life can be fickle sometimes, it’s still a good bargain if you don’t do a whole lot of reading or staying up at night.

6. Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

The Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light for bed is another great option because it’s hands-free to where you don’t have to clip it to your book. So, if you’re concerned about your reading light ruining your paperback books with a clip, you won’t have to worry about it with Glocusent LED. 

As for the battery life, you’re allotted up to 80 hours of lighting without having to recharge constantly. Plus, it comes with an 18-month warranty, in case you’re not completely satisfied with the product.

7. Mighty Bright Clip-On Rechargeable Book Light

Another clip-on light is the Mighty Bright Clip-on Rechargeable Book Light. This reading light for bed is special, because of its easy ability to let you brighten or dim the light. Just hold down the “on” button, and the reading light for bed will either brighten or dim to your liking. Despite only having one color temperature, that doesn’t stop this device from providing good lighting. Plus, the battery life lasts up to 60 hours, with the charge time being 1 hour.

8. Dewenwils Rechargeable Book Reading Light

Dewenwils is another good portable light, because it’s almost shaped like a regular bookmark, and it’s portable when traveling with it. While its only light settings are fully bright and half-bright, the Dewenwils is still a good option if you want to be able to adjust it when reading at bedtime. Plus, charging is easy – Just plug it into a computer, or into a USB wall adapter, without a charging cord.

9. Topelek Reading Light

Topelek is another great option for reading lights. This clip-on is affordable, and it offers brightness with 3 color temperatures and 3 brightness settings. Plus, it provides up to 60 hours of lighting, with a charge time of about 1 ½ hours. While the clip-on feature might not be as clean on the books, its lighting and battery life are serviceable.

10. Eyocean LED Reading Light

Finally, the Eyocean LED is another option to consider, as you shop for reading lights for bed. In fact, the light can be clipped onto anywhere, so that you won’t have to clip it onto your book. Consisting of a flexible 15-inch-long neck, and a USB port cord to plug into an adapter, Eyocean brings you the best lighting with 3 modes – warm, natural, and bright white. Despite its bulkiness, it’s still doable if you’re not a late-nighter in bed.


As you can see, no book light is perfect, as you shop for reading lights for bed. It takes plenty of research and self-preference when looking for the best light to have for your bedroom. Whether you’re a late-nighter or an early bird, there’s a reading light for bed for everyone.

By looking into these 10 reading lights, you’ll see the similarities and differences in each, and you’ll know more or less what qualities you’re looking for in reading light. Take a moment to check them out online, and see which one(s) are right for you!

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10 Great Reading Lights For Bed

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