Real Leather Is Still the Choice

Real Leather

Leather, a substance used by human beings for clothing for 7000 years, remains one of today’s most versatile materials. The uses for leather are limited only by human ingenuity. You may readily recognize that leather is used for shoes, boots, jackets, hats and furniture. It has many lesser-known but attractive and functional uses as well. Many types of sporting equipment, like ball gloves, non-slip handles, and sports balls, are made of leather. As a great insulator, leather is the top choice for gloves and winter hats. Leather items include accessories such as belts, handbags and cellphone holsters.

Primary Uses for Cowhide Leather

Leather is produced from animal hides. As you might imagine, the hides of different animals have very different qualities. Cowhide, for instance, produces some of the strongest and warmest leather. Much of this leather originates from salted cattle hides Bronx NY. About 99% of the hide used for this type of leather comes from meat-producing animals. Because of its endurance and beauty, cowhide leather is used for footwear, wearing apparel, purses, billfolds, rugs, seat covers and furniture. Some of the more esoteric products made from cowhide include saddles, lampshades, pillows, rugs and gun cases.

Caring for Your Leather Goods

While leather is extraordinarily durable, it will only achieve its full life expectancy if cared for properly. Taking care of your soiled leather products involves several steps:

  • Never use ammonia or bleach products on leather.
  • Mix two teaspoons of dish soap in a cup of warm water and use it to cleanse the soiled portion in a gentle circular motion with a soft rag.
  • Use a rinsed, damp portion of the cloth to remove the soap residue.
  • Gently towel dry the leather area.
  • Place the leather item in an airy, dry location away from direct sunlight and allow it to dry fully.

Leather is an attractive material that will last indefinitely with proper care.

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Real Leather Is Still the Choice

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