5 Reasons You May Be Missing Sleep

Missing Sleep

If you aren’t prioritizing your sleep, you’re likely struggling to maintain enough energy throughout the day or are struggling to live your life to the fullest. Sleep issues are common, and there are ways that you can implement strategies to get better sleep. Finding what works for you is the first step to better sleep! To help you achieve your goals, here are five reasons you may be missing sleep!

1. You’re Staying Up Too Late

Everyone has circadian rhythms that influence natural waking and sleeping times. If we aren’t honoring these rhythms, falling into a groove that allows us to achieve consistent quality sleep can be difficult. We may sleep too little, too much, or not at all when our sleep hormones and rhythms are out of whack. A good way to start fixing these issues is to stop staying up late.

Going to bed at a decent time allows you to get eight hours of sleep. Over time, your rhythms will realign, and you’ll find the best waking and sleeping times. Learning more about your circadian rhythms can give you insight into your sleeping habits and answer questions like why people snore.

2. You Need Better Nutrition

Not getting enough sleep is often the result of nutritional deficiencies that interfere with sleep. Your doctor might recommend additional supplements or dietary changes to improve your nutrition. Look into magnesium supplements and melatonin supplements that may help you achieve the sleep you need. Magnesium is a supplement often recommended for achieving ideal sleep. You might also consider getting some lab work done to determine which areas you may be nutritionally deficient in.

Better Nutrition for Better Sleep

3. You Aren’t Listening To Your Body

All of us have an internal body clock that we can rely on to perform different tasks at different times of the day. Certain times of the day are optimal for specific tasks over others. Until we get in touch with these natural rhythms, achieving ideal sleep cannot be easy because we don’t know the best time to wake up, either.

Learn about chronobiology to familiarize yourself with the basics of listening to your internal body clocks and circadian rhythms. Listening to your body is also about the intuitive components that let you know when you need to rest or get moving. Don’t push yourself if you need a break, and don’t delay if you know you feel like getting up.

4. You’re Staring At Your Screen Too Long

Too much exposure to artificial blue light can interrupt natural sleep schedules and make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. If you do most of your work online, you might be staring at your screen too long throughout the day. Try monitoring your screen time and buying blue light glasses to protect your eyes.

5. You Aren’t Following A Soothing Practice

Sometimes lulling yourself into sleep with a sleep routine is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. Consider listening to soothing music, nature sounds, or guided meditation before bed to drift off.

You might also try essential oils and aromatherapy to help you unwind. Reading or listening to audiobooks can also help induce sleep. See what works the best for you. If necessary, get noise-cancelling sleep headphones or earbuds to use while you listen.

The Bottom Line

You might be missing sleep due to the reasons stated above. Be mindful to try and relax before bed and not think of all your daily troubles; such as the mess you left in your kitchen or those pesky termites that keep coming back (in that case you’ll want to call termite control). Be sure to try out different sleep and bedtime routines to see what works best for you. It might take some trial-and-error, but a good night’s sleep is on its way if you commit to the process!

5 Reasons You May Be Missing Sleep

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