Perform a reverse image search to identify stolen images!

reverse image search

The web is filled with images and other visual content. Still, the sad part is that more than 30% of the web images are stolen or copied from other original content. Image plagiarism has negative effects and consequences, just like traditional textual plagiarism. 

In this three-minute post, we would tell you how to reverse image search with the top-notch platforms available on the web. 

Checking image plagiarism and stolen images is important because more than two billion images are being uploaded on the internet per day, which is an excessively big amount. The majority of these images are being tampered with and manipulated from original content on the web. 

Image plagiarism can seriously damage a website’s SEO score. So you must do something about it before things get worse for you and your site.

Best reverse search engines and tools for finding stolen images!

There are many benefits of using reverse image search platforms. Before you read about the best tools and search engines for finding stolen images, we would like you to look at reverse image search uses!

Reverse image search by SmallSEOTools

The reverse image search by Small Seo Tools is a very reputed web tool that is free and extremely easy to use. If you want to search similar images from the web, you will conduct a reverse image search with this third-party tool. The working steps of this reverse image search tool are quite easy. You don’t need to have any experience to use this tool. You can utilize it like a pro, even if it’s your first time. This reverse image search tool has integrations with over billions of webpages and sites indexed on different search engines. This is why the results produced by it are quite comprehensive and accurate. 

You can try this reverse image search by simply:

  • Entering Image URL.
  • Uploading an image.
  • Searching by image using keywords.

Google reverse image search!

This is one of the oldest search platforms that can be used for the finding of stolen images. Google images can be used by all sorts of users and on all devices to cater to the Google search engine. You have to upload your image that you feel has been stolen by another person. Based on your input image, the search engine would consult its database and get you tons of pages and websites with similar or relevant data. 

Google images have the largest databases when it comes to images. The only con of this search engine is to save your input data in its database for seven days. Anyone can access and download your images from the search engine in these seven days!

Yandex Image search

The reverse image search by Yandex is one of the most popular search engines used in Russia. According to recent statistics, Yandex shares around 50% of the Russian digital market’s market share. The working process of this search engine is quite similar to that of Google. You can make an image search directly by uploading pictures to the search engine. You can search by keywords. You can also put in the image URL of the image that you need to check for theft. The tin eye can be used on any browser and in any part of the world, but it is perfect for working as a plugin with Chrome. 

Pinterest Visual Search

The visual search tool by Pinterest is known to be one of the best photo lookup tools that you can find on the web. The best thing about the reverse search tool by Pinterest is that it can easily help you search by a complete image file. You can also select a specific area on the image and can details relevant to it. This tool is good for people who are looking for pinning stuff and also for graphic designers who are looking forward to inducting new ideas. To search for stolen images with Pinterest, you have to visit the Pinterest website.

Bing Images

This is another popular search engine that can be used for searching stolen images. This search engine also caters to hundreds of billions of image-based webpages. To reverse search on an image, you have to upload it in the search bar and hit the search button. If you are a Bing user, this is the best platform for you to make a reverse image search. This search platform is one of the best sources that can help you find HD pictures. The only con of this image search resource is that the results produced by it are a bit limited if compared to Google or TinEye. 


This reverse search platform is known to be the best one for online image protection. This platform uses advanced scanning algorithms using which it can locate the exact location of the image. You can monitor and track 500 images for free with this online tool. Afterward, you have to hook up with the paid packages!

Do you now have a better understanding of Perform a reverse image search to identify stolen images? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other posts for more tech-related guides and tips

Perform a reverse image search to identify stolen images!

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