Ronaldinho Net Worth

Ronaldinho Net Worth


If you are wondering about the life of one of the most successful soccer players in the world, you have come to the right place. Here you can find out about Ronaldinho’s career, his net worth, his involvement in UNICEF, and his car collection. You can also get to know more about his personal life and relationship with Janaina Mendes.


Ronaldinho is the proud owner of over half a dozen properties in Brazil. He also owns a half-dozen homes abroad. Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Ronaldinho is the son of a shipyard worker. He lost his father at an early age from a heart attack. Ronaldinho is married to Janaina Mendes, and the couple has one son.


As a professional footballer, Ronaldinho has amassed a huge net worth. The two-time world soccer star has been credited with making billions of dollars. He has played for many elite European clubs, including Barcelona and AC Milan, and has many properties in Brazil, Barcelona, Lake Como, and Florida. 

He has been a key part of Barcelona’s recent success, winning the European Cup, and making more than 200 appearances for his club. He moved on to AC Milan after that, signing a six-month contract with the Italian club. He also recently joined Athletico Mineiro, where he played an integral role in the Copa Libertadores in 2013.

As a professional footballer, he played in many leagues and competitions, including La Liga. He also became an ambassador for FC Barcelona and represented Brazil at the international level. Apart from football, he has a large property portfolio, including six properties in six different countries. The properties are located in Brazil, Italy, Spain, Greece, and the United States.

Social work

One of the world’s most recognizable sports personalities, Ronaldinho is an ambassador for the United Nations and has partnered with UNICEF. Through his Ronaldinho Institute, he is helping impoverished children in Porto Alegre, Brazil, by using sports and education to develop their potential. Through this initiative, he is showing the way forward in global development and is making a positive difference in the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

In addition to his work with UNICEF, Ronaldinho has also been active with his club FC Barcelona. He has been a part of the FCBEscola initiative and will appear at some schools’ opening ceremonies. He will also participate in educational talks and FC Barcelona Foundation events related to UNICEF. Additionally, he will be assisting with the Masia 360 project.

Ronaldinho’s involvement with UNICEF began in 2006 when the FC Barcelona Foundation signed a partnership with the organization. That same year, he also became an ambassador for UNAIDS, which raises awareness of AIDS around the world. His involvement with UNICEF has continued since then, and he has also taken on an official role with the organization since February 2006.

The relationship between FC Barcelona and UNICEF has been legendary for a decade, with the foundation contributing 1.5 million euros each year to the organization. Since the partnership began, it has helped more than three million children around the world access sport. The two organizations also work together in China, Ghana, and South Africa.

Car collection 

Ronaldinho’s car collection is an impressive reflection of his lifestyle and net worth. He has an extensive collection of sports cars, including the Bugatti Veyron, Bentley Continental, Porche 911, Mercedes-Benz W212, Audi Q7, Hummer H2, and Dodge Durango. His car collection is comparable to those of many athletes.


The soccer star has also made huge contributions to charitable causes through his affiliation with the United Nations Children’s Fund and Soccer Aid. His charity work includes the prevention of HIV/AIDS and raising money for impoverished children.


In 2004, a Brazilian newspaper, O Dia, reported that Ronaldinho planned to marry two different women. The rumour stated that the former footballer had given both of his female friend’s engagement rings. The news spread quickly, and some believed that the two were planning to have polygamy ceremonies in Rio de Janeiro. However, polygamy is illegal in Brazil and carries a six-year jail term. Fortunately for fans, Ronaldinho denied the rumours.


In addition to being married to Janaina Mendes, he had a relationship with Alexandra Paressant, a famous dancer who was born in France. The relationship with Alexandra Paressant did not last long, and the two ended in 2008.

Former professional dancer Janaina Mendes and Brazilian football star Ronaldinho are no longer together. The two divorced in 2007. Janaina joined social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter in 2017, and the first post she posted was on December 14, 2017. For the next three years, she did not post on social networking sites. However, she has been more active since the beginning of 2020.

Janaina Mendes’ height is unknown. She is a woman of mixed ethnicity and Portuguese descent. Her weight is around 55 kilograms. Her eyes are brown, and her hair is blonde. Her bra cup size is 34C. She was married to Ronaldinho for two years, and the couple’s relationship ended in 2007.

His love life was long, and he had many relationships throughout his life. In 2005, he became a father and named his son Joao after his late father, who had passed away.

Colourful style of play 

One of the most famous footballers in the world, Ronaldinho is well known for his colourful style of play. This includes overhead kicks and other out-of-this-world tricks on the pitch. 

Life after retirement 

Ronaldinho’s net worth is estimated to be around $90 million as of October 2022. He retired from professional football in 2018 and currently resides in his native Brazil. He regularly visits the gym and enjoys eating Brazilian food. He also enjoys playing basketball and playing the video game Pro Evolution Soccer. He also likes to travel and visit different vacation spots. Recently, he went on vacation with teammates Pogba, Dybala, and Matuida to Miami.

Endorsement deals 

Besides soccer, Ronaldinho has several endorsement deals, including with Nike, EA, and mobile phone companies. In addition, he has appeared on the cover of the FIFA video game. In addition to that, he has appeared in numerous television commercials. However, it’s not clear what role he plays in these advertisements.

Fan following & Net Worth

Ronaldinho has earned a massive following on social media. He has 62.3 million followers on Instagram. In addition, he earns an estimated $250,000 from advertising products.

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Ronaldinho Net Worth

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