How a Trucking Company Should Screen their Drivers to Minimize Accident Risks

How a Trucking Company Should Screen their Drivers to Minimize Accident Risks

Driving a truck can be an exciting and lucrative occupation. However, there are many risks, including being involved in a trucking accident. These accidents can result in serious injuries or fatalities and may lead to lawsuits against the driver.

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Ways on How a Trucking Company Should Screen their Drivers to Minimize Accident Risks

1. Check for their driver’s past.

The Department of Transportation has regulations about what you need to know about a driver’s past. So as a trucking company, you should check for their driver’s VIN and determine from the number if they have a clean record. The VIN of a truck must be on the side so you can check it quickly. Check for criminal records as issued by the State where the driver is employed.

2. Is their driver’s record clear?

State-licensed drivers can’t have any criminal record, so make sure they don’t have one. Arrests will lead to license suspension and disqualification from driving a truck. Trucking companies should also check if they are drug or alcohol abusers or if they’ve been involved in an accident resulting in personal injury or death before or during the accident investigation process. It could lead to a trip to jail and even a denial of the right to drive a truck.

3. Check if they have any medical conditions

Truckers in good condition can return to road duties quickly, while others might take longer. The company should make sure their drivers are capable of driving their trucks safely before they hire them. Trucking companies should make sure their drivers are healthy by asking them questions about their medical history and checking for any previous accidents that might be related to medical issues.

4. Drug screening and alcohol testing

Trucking companies should require pre-employment drug and alcohol testing and random drug and alcohol tests. Truckers who test positive for unacceptable levels of alcohol or drugs can’t be on the road legally. Trucking companies should check their driver’s driving record quarterly for evidence of problematic alcohol use. Suppose a driver has a driving record that includes either many accidents or involvement in an accident that resulted in serious injuries. In that case, it could indicate the driver is having problems with substance abuse. In such cases, the company may want to require additional testing, monitor their driving more closely, or even let them go.

5. Check if the driver has any experience

Most trucking companies prefer truckers with the most experience. The required expertise can vary, but one year is a good starting point. More extended experience periods are better, especially if the trucker has a clean driving record and no medical issues. This way, the company knows they are getting a safe and reliable driver.

6. Monitor their movements

Companies that use GPS tracking and other technology to monitor their drivers’ movements are the safest. It’s the most effective way to ensure that the driver is on time, doesn’t speed, and won’t have a crash. It also allows the company to ensure they follow all the regulations on the road. This technology can help protect them from a driver who leads them into dangerous situations.

Every trucking company is different, but by using these tips on how to screen their drivers, a company can choose the safest drivers for their company. It will decrease the risk of them being involved in an accident and protect the passersby from any injuries that a reckless driver may cause.

How a Trucking Company Should Screen their Drivers to Minimize Accident Risks

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