Royale High – Christmas 2021

There is a new set in Royale High called the Christmas 2021. This set was introduced at the Christmas 2021 event. You can only buy it from November 15th through January 31st. This set includes six items for both boys and girls. You can trade it with other Royale High players or wait for it to become available again. The following are the details of the new set.

The Peppermint Princess Set was introduced for the first time in November 2021. Additional items were added during the Christmas 2021 gifting events. The bodice and skirt can be purchased for 59,000 Diamonds. Sleeves are only available through trade. There is also a male version of the set. The Peppermint Princess male outfit includes a hood, belt, and belt. The male version of the Peppermint Princess Set can also be traded by players.

The Fluttering Butterfly Set is another permanent Royale High Set. The Fluttering Butterfly Bodice, Skirt, Sleeves, and Heels are all available in the shop. The sleeves for the Fluttering Butterfly Set can be purchased in the Beach House chest. A new set, Miss Lady Rose, includes a Bodice and Skirt. The Miss Lady Rose set is available for purchase at 76,000 Diamonds.

Another set you can buy is the Enchanting Heirloom set. It features six new items that can be traded and purchased. The set includes a Cage Skirt and Tea Party Bow as well as Laced Bodice and Gloves. The ‘Dear Dollie” set can be purchased for 120,000 diamonds. It’s not too late to start trading diamonds. This set will make your Royale High collection more complete and curated.

The Royale High Wiki uses “set” as a term for documentation. However, this is a loose definition and may not be strictly adhered to in the game. For example, some items loosely labeled sets are actually collections, and aren’t listed on the Sets page. These items are often sold separately. Some sets also include toggles that allow you to change the style of a set depending upon what you’re wearing.

Gothicutie Halloween Costume is another new set. This outfit is a Halloween costume. It is available only in October and costs 164,000 Diamonds. The set features a hat, earrings, and skirt. Both boys and girls can purchase the outfit. This set will make you look like a true Gothicutie. In addition, you can buy some special items in the store for men and women.

Royale High – Christmas 2021
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