Sea of Thieves Tips: 5 Things To Know Before You Play

Sea of Thieves

Since its launch, SEA of Thieves has been releasing one after another update to keep the fans engaged and entertained. So, the game mechanics keep changing. If you have played this game two years back, you will find the difference between the old and the current version. If you are a new player, a solid and reliable guide will help you understand this game’s ever-changing mechanics. Even seasoned players can also get multiple benefits from an informative guide. So, if you want to understand this game better, keep on reading this article.

Top 5 things to understand about Sea of Thieves

Though practice makes us perfect, you need to practice right. Repeating the same mistakes and following a static playstyle will not help you master this game. Below, five things are mentioned that every player must understand before jumping into this adventurous game.

1. Sailing the ship

As the name suggests, you will be embarking on a thrilling voyage in this game. The most challenging thing about this journey is, sailing the ship itself. Together with your crew, you need to move the ship from one place to another.

As we all know, a ship has a lot of moving parts. Your crew has to control every part and give the ship a proper direction. At first, you have to drop the sails and control their angles so that the ship picks up its speed with the wind.

Apart from sails, your chew has to raise anchors, keep an eye on the map, handle the steering, and look out for enemies and rocks. All these require a good understanding and coordination between the team members.

2. Usage of equipment

Understanding the usages of various equipment is also important. If you click the LB, you will see a list of items. You can use the planks on the list to repair the holes on our ship. You can consume the bananas to heal yourself after enemy and skeleton attacks.

There is also a bucket which you can use to boil water. Apart from these three, you can use the compass for direction, the lantern for light, the shovel for treasure hunting, the telescope for keeping your eye on the horizon, and the cannonballs for attacking.

On page 2, you will find grog and musical instruments for entertainment purposes. To find more Sea of Thieves Hacks for PC, you can visit reliable online websites.

3. Extra resources

If you are running out of your resources, you need to remember your extra supplies. On the ship, there are plenty of extra resources. So if you are running out of equipment, just check the barrels.

There will be fruits, cannonballs, ammo, and plants stored for you. You will find your gun refills in a box with a gun mark. You will find more supplies kept in similar barrels when you reach an island. Sailors can also find fish inside those containers and use the meat. But never eat raw fish; it can make you sick.

4. Complete your factions

Every pirate has some specific goals. Everyone carries a treasure map which gives them a task and direction. The same pattern is followed in Sea of Thieves. Here, you have to collect gold. You have to complete three factions given to you on different outpost islands.

From the Gold Hoarders you will get different maps and riddles. All these will lead you to a buried treasure. You have to bring back the glowing skulls in Order of Souls after defeating the undead captains.

Last but not least, you need to trade chickens, gun powder, and pigs to complete the Merchant Alliance task. You have to achieve every mission to earn more money.

5. Keep your treasure safe

After completing a chest, sailing directly for the next one can be risky. If you have a ship full of treasures, you can get attacked anytime and lose it all. So the best decision will be to sell your treasures to the Gold Hoarders on the map and then start the new chest. You can also hide the treasure at creative places.


These are the five most important things that will help you get a better grip on this game. Using innovative strategies and polishing your skills are two major aspects of mastering any game. You may feel overwhelmed at first, but never lose hope. With these tips, you will play Sea of Thieves like a pro-player.

Sea of Thieves Tips: 5 Things To Know Before You Play

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