Shaved Tibetan Mastiff – How to Keep It Clean

A shaved Tibetan Mastiff looks great, but can you keep it clean? Thankfully, no, but this type of dog needs brushing regularly for its health. In addition to the daily maintenance of their coat, they are susceptible to certain health conditions, including inherited demyelinating neuropathy. This condition can cause paralysis or loss of movement. It is essential to trim the nails and feet of your dog for their health and well being.

The Tibetan Mastiff’s inner layer is soft and woolly. It gets thicker in winter and thinner in summer, so shaving the inner layer of the coat may damage the coat. The five thousand-year-old breed of Tibetan Mastiff has two layers of coat. If you decide to shave your Tibetan Mastiff, keep in mind that the coat will not grow back as quickly as the outer layers.

Tibetan Mastiffs, large dogs with thick double coats, are well-known for being large. Their coats can be medium, long, or short depending on the environment and climate. Their coats are also very different. While they are both capable of looking fantastic, the Tibetan Mastiff’s double coats make them an excellent choice for households that want a dog with different personalities.

Although Tibetan Mastiffs are not recommended to be shaved by veterinarians or dog trainers, you can still groom them at home with scissors and a brush. Keep in mind that you can only trim as much hair as you want for your dog. Ultimately, shaving your dog will leave uneven patches on its body and will make your pet cold during the winter months.

Regular brushing and bathing are essential for this breed. Their coat can become soiled and smelly if there is too much dirt and debris in their home. This can be prevented by regular brushing and bathing. It is also important to have your dog’s teeth cleaned regularly, as bacteria can thrive in the mouth. A thorough cleaning will eliminate odors and keep your dog’s teeth healthy. If your tibetan mastiff’s ear floppy, it may need to be cleaned or even surgically removed.

After shaving your Tibetan Mastiff’s head, brush the hair and apply leave-in conditioner. If you prefer, clip the hair as well. Just remember to choose products that are safe for your dog and keep the coat trimmed according to its type and breed. You can also use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. This method is not recommended for all dogs. No matter what type of coat you have, it is important to brush your dog often.

It is essential to bathe your Tibetan Mastiff. Regular bathing can remove oil and grime from the skin, leaving it looking and feeling clean. Bathing your Tibetan Mastiffs too often can dry out their skin and strip it off essential oils. This can lead to itching and infections. A tub is a great option for large dogs. Before bathing, make sure to thoroughly wet your coat.

Shaved Tibetan Mastiff – How to Keep It Clean
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