Signs That Show You Need To Carry Out Duct Cleaning Brampton

Signs That Show You Need To Carry Out Duct Cleaning Brampton

The subject of duct cleaning Brampton is a debatable one. However, we need to set the record straight. Ducts that supply air to all the rooms in the house from the heating and cooling system can get clogged over time. The filters become filled with dust, pollen, and other substances that affect the flow of air when it is pushed through. The substances do not only contaminate the air, but they also decrease the efficiency of the system. The HVAC occasionally overheats and that can eventually damage the entire system.

How frequently the duct is cleaned is depended on several factors. The size of your family and the model of the HVAC system are some of the factors. Here are some of the signs that show it is the right time for duct cleaning Brampton.

1. Presence Of Dust Around The House

If you begin to notice the presence of dust particles around the house even after you have cleaned, it could mean that your air duct is dirty. If the air duct has dust, it is possible that it will mix with the air passing through and ends up being deposited all over the house. The dust inside the duct should be cleaned as soon as possible as it might cause allergies.

2. Increased Energy Bills

The sudden rise in the energy bills could be a sign that your air duct is blocked. When debris fills the air duct, only a small passage is left for the air to flow through. This causes the system to strain so much in order to distribute air to all the rooms in the house. You might notice that your system overheats when in use.

The continued strain of your heating and cooling system increases energy consumption in the house. When energy consumption rises, your energy bills are definitely going to be very high.

3. Presence Of Mold

If you notice earthy smells from the duct and mold dust deposits around the house, it is a possible sign that you need to carry our air duct cleaning Brampton. When the mold dust mixes with the air being circulated in the house, it could cause allergies and other respiratory diseases.

Mold grows inside the duct because of the moisture and dampness that is usually present in air ducts. Therefore, it is very important that mold is removed as soon as it is spotted as it easily spreads to the entire duct.

4. Presence Of Insects

Dirty air ducts are easily invested by insects as they are warm and a good breeding area. The nests that they build, their droppings, and even the dead ones cause blockages inside your air duct. This causes your system to strain a lot when pushing air through the duct to all the rooms in the house.

The insects are harmful to their health as some carry very infectious diseases. Their droppings can contaminate the air you breathe causing you respiratory diseases. Some of these insects have poisonous bites and the rodents can begin to eat your foodstuffs.

5. Increased Allergies

The sudden rise of allergies around the house could be a possible sign that your air duct needs to be cleaned. If you notice that people in the house often get headaches, sore thoughts, dizziness, sneezing and even running noses, it is time you have your air duct cleaned. These allergies can even advance to more serious respiratory diseases like asthma.

Substances like pollen, dust, tobacco residues and mold dust which are present in the air duct could be the possible causes of allergies. These particles combine with the air that is been circulated in the house contaminating it. These pollutants usually cause serious health problems.

6. After A Renovation

After you have made a major house renovation, it is advisable that you call air duct cleaning Brampton to clean the ducts. This is because there is a lot of dust and debris that is blown into the air duct during construction. Therefore, doing duct cleaning Brampton immediately after renovation, ensures that the air being circulated in the house is clean. This saves you from many respiratory diseases caused by dust.

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Signs That Show You Need To Carry Out Duct Cleaning Brampton

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