Stay Classic: An Affordable Approach to Classic Men’s Style

Affordable Approach to Classic Men’s Style

Ever see people on television and out and about and wonder how they look so good? Well, it’s easy to look great if you have a lot of money and consultants to help you to do so. There are plenty of people who turn up to every new event with new designer clothes and an outfit that has been planned for them, but this is not possible for all of us.

Do you need to spend a lot of money to get a classic look? Fortunately, the answer is no. In our guide on how to stay classic: An affordable approach to men’s style, we show how making a few very sensible decisions and doing plenty of research and reasoning on the type of clothes that work will ensure you always look great, and you don’t have to spend thousands on a wardrobe to do so.

How to Stay Classic: An Affordable Approach to Classic Men’s Style.

A classic look is both stylish and always fashionable. Often, you will wear a lot of very simple clothing if you take this style on, and this means that you don’t have to make any huge statements and risk not looking your best. Instead, keep things classy and simple, and follow our guide on how to stay classic.

By opting for a look that never goes out of fashion, you also ensure that you aren’t scrambling to clothing stores every few months to buy what is deemed the latest fresh look. Instead, go for things that will look great year after year, which often means simple but classy and high-quality.

Invest in Core Wardrobe

Your core wardrobe can go a very long way to helping to make the best possible look, and for a man, there are plenty of very versatile items of clothing. For instance, your core wardrobe could involve things like simple, quality jeans, as well as a few very simple white shirts. This look will always be in fashion and is never too much of a statement, plus it helps to keep you classy.

A lot of people also refer to this as a “capsule” wardrobe. This means that you can buy relatively few items and still end up with a fantastic look, and the option to mix and match smart and casual items. For example, having one pair of casual shoes and one pair of smart shoes can be enough if you make really wise decisions on the rest of the clothing and make sure everything goes together.

If you chose to buy some bright pink chinos then you might find that they don’t look great with some of your other clothes, and things clash, so opt for clothing that is going to go together.

Choose Clothes That Fit Well

This is incredibly frustrating, if you buy clothes and they don’t fit well you’re less likely to want to wear them. On top of that, if you put on a bit of weight, or lose a bit of weight, the fit might well change.

As well as opting for a good fit, try to ensure that you stay the same size at pretty much all times. It can be very expensive if your weight fluctuates a lot, as it can cause you to have to keep buying new stuff when the new seasons roll around. You might even get rid of clothes when you’ve put on a bit of weight, but when you lose weight again you will wish you had held onto them.

Build Your Own Look

You can build an affordable, classic style and even a capsule wardrobe, but this doesn’t mean that you have to forego your personality. Building your own look is about creating something that reflects the person you are.

Do Some Research

Our Stay Classic: An Affordable Approach to Classic Men’s Style guide can help you to understand the principles, but you should definitely do some research yourself.

For instance, you can go for online stores that sell affordable items, but also items that are likely to be extremely high-quality. Brands that sell exclusively online are often cheaper, as they don’t have all the overheads of retail locations that they have to keep open, and they may have fewer employees. The disadvantage is the fact that you cannot try the clothes on, but if you make sure you go for a place with a good returns policy it takes a lot of the risk away from the purchasing decision.

Sign Up For Sale Alerts

A lot of the time, clothing stores will have regular sales, which is a way for them to sell a lot of their stock from prior seasons, and within this, they even include items that have a timeless look to them.

If you are clever about when you are buying your clothes you can save a lot of money. One way to do this is to buy in the wrong seasons. For instance, you can buy clothing that is usually considered summer clothing during the winter, and buy your warm winter clothes in the summer months. It is much more likely to be cheaper when it is out of season, and companies do not want to keep it in their warehouse.

Found some clothing brands that you like? Sign up to their mailing lists or download their apps and there is every chance that you will get their alerts whenever there is a sale. This can be the best time to stock up.

Choose a Color Palette

This is one of the best ways to ensure that everything in your wardrobe goes together. If you buy clothing that is all in a similar color palette, and clothing you know will look good together, then you have the excellent option to mix and match. Pretty much whatever you want to put on will work together if you are really clever about what you buy.

For example, if you go for a classical look with darker tones such as brown accessories, greys, blacks, and whites, then you almost go for a “monochrome” look and the items you’re wearing can be mixed up well, and you don’t have to think too much about it. Neutrals and earth tones can be great palettes if you want to look classy and ensure you always look great, without having to worry about whether you are going to have to buy some new clothes every few months.

Avoid Too Many Bold Patterns

Bold patterns don’t tend to mix together. If you want to add a splash of color to your wardrobe you can do this with accessories, but you shouldn’t really try to include loads of bold colors and patterns that won’t go together. This will mean you have to have a much bigger wardrobe to get a good look on any given day.

We do not recommend going for a wardrobe with a bunch of Hawaiian shirts in it if you want the classic look and to make sure your clothes match up.

Men’s Style Essentials

If you have the right basics then choosing a stylish outfit for any occasion (on a budget) can be really simple. The essentials are the very foundation of your wardrobe, so you need to make sure you’ve got enough of them. Fortunately, some of these items are also pretty affordable.


A few simple, well-fitting shirts can go a long way. Colors like white and even black can usually be paired with quite a few items, but you can also go for some pale blues and other colors, depending on what else is in your wardrobe. For a smaller, capsule wardrobe there is really no need to go wild with lots of different designs, a few simple shirts will make all the difference.


A quality pair of jeans will go such a long way and last you a number of years as well as have the classic look you want. On top of this, a pair of smarter pants can fit your formal needs. These may be the only items you really need, but if you are in a warmer climate then why not add some classy-looking shorts into the mix?


T-shirts are inexpensive, and they can be a great way to have a classic look. They may be paired with shirts and jackets, or you might just wear them on their own. Steer clear of too many big logos and try to go for simple designs with these as well, sometimes with subtle stripes or other simple patterns. You can express yourself too, but some white and black t-shirts should definitely form a big part of your wardrobe as you can wear them with pretty much anything.


When it comes to accessories, we recommend going for items that can emphasize your style, but also look fantastic with the items already in your wardrobe. Belts and mens leather wallets serve a purpose as well as looking great and adding a bit of interest to the look.

Watches and cuffs can also be very classy, and these are investment items. Looked after, they can last a lifetime or even be passed on to family members. On top of that, they may even gain value.


Sunglasses aren’t really an area to save money as you want to make sure your eyes have the best protection possible. However, if you are going to buy sunglasses you can usually get away with one great pair. Something like the versatile Ray-Ban glasses in a rectangular shape may be ideal.


We recommend going with two pairs of shoes as a minimum, but if you are clever about the designs you can go for something like a pair of smart shoes (think clothes that could be worn if you were going to a wedding) and a pair of sneakers that are clean and smart enough to go with semi-smart outfits.


Have we inspired you with our Stay Classic: An Affordable Approach to Classic Men’s Style guide?

Fortunately, men’s style doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. Definitely invest in a few items that are very high-quality and will last you a long time, usually including a nice pair of jeans and some sunglasses, as well as some shoes and smart pants that form the basis of your wardrobe, and think about which items go together. You may need a color palette design to think about what items will work together, too. A bit of foresight and planning can save you a lot of money and make sure you always look your very best whether the day calls for casual or smart clothing.

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Stay Classic: An Affordable Approach to Classic Men’s Style

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