5 Signs That You May Have a Cavity


Have you been experiencing tooth pain or a bad taste in your mouth? If so, then we have some good news and some bad news for you.

The bad news is, these are very common signs of cavities. But the good news is, cavities are very easy and very affordable to fix.

So, if you’re worried about what the dentist will do, don’t be. You can simply get fillings done at a pediatric dentistry in queen creek. What you should worry about is what happens when you don’t have the dentist fix your cavities. Namely, it’s extremely painful and unhealthy to let a cavity rot your tooth away.

The bottom line is, it’s imperative that you use the information in this guide to spot the early/advanced warning signs of cavities. Then, if you notice any, get to the dentist right away.

1. Heightened Sensitivity

The most recognizable sign of a cavity is a heightened sensitivity to various stimuli. For instance, you might experience pain when you bite anything hot, cold, or sugary. You may feel pain every time you bite down, period, regardless of what you’re biting.

2. Constant Pain

If you experience constant pain and see no visible signs of a problem, it’s likely that you have a cavity. However, there are a lot of other dental issues that also cause toothaches and heightened tooth sensitivity. The only way to diagnose the true problem (and fix it) is to go to the dentist.

3. Swollen, Bleeding, or Oozing Gums

Again, these symptoms could indicate a lot of different dental health problems, like gingivitis. Still, a cavity near or beneath your gumline causes abnormal bleeding or swelling of your gums.

Pus is an even worse sign as it could mean that you have an abscess or other infection. Whether this is due to a cavity or not is irrelevant. Get to the dentist immediately if you notice pus coming from your teeth or gums.

4. Bad Taste in Mouth/Bad Breath

Cavities are caused by bacteria destroying your teeth. These bacteria also give off waste that doesn’t taste or smell so good. If you constantly have bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth, it’s likely that you have a cavity.

5. Visible Signs on Your Tooth

You may notice a general, dark discoloration of a single tooth that has a cavity. Other times, you can actually see a deep, dark pit in the tooth that’s hurting. Either of these signs should be checked by your dentist.

Depending on the size of the hole, they may prescribe a filling, inlay, onlay, or crown. In case you’re interested, here’s an article that explains the differences between these procedures.

There’s Only One Thing to Do About These Signs of Cavities

These signs of cavities should never be ignored. After all, if they’re not caused by a cavity, they might be caused by something even worse. Do yourself a favor and visit your dentist to find out for sure.

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5 Signs That You May Have a Cavity

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