10 Shockingly Simple Ways to Get Free Samples

Free Samples

In today’s day and age, finding freebies can be tough. Just about every free sample that you see advertised comes with some sort of fine print to trick you into paying money.

The good news is that if you know where to look for them, there are plenty of places to get online free samples. All it takes is a little insider knowledge and you can stock your shelves for free!

If you’re looking for where to get free samples from Canada, read on. We’ve put together a guide on how to get free samples from ten different retailers!

  1. Visit Women Freebies

If you’re a woman wanting to get her hands on some free goodies, you can’t miss women freebies. This site offers all types of free products for girls including makeup, perfume, skincare products, and more.

  1. Swing by Walmart

New parents should make sure to head over to Walmart. Walmart offers a free example box known as the Welcome Baby Box to anyone who signs up for a Walmart baby registry!

  1. Take a Trip to Target

Just like Walmart, Target gives new parents a welcome kit full of samples, coupons, and baby products. Make sure to visit guest services to sign up for a baby registry at the store to get your free box!

  1. Score Some Beauty Samples at FreeFlys

For makeup lovers and beauty gurus, you simply have to check out FreeFlys. FreeFlys offers tons of freebies that you’ll love and has been featured on a number of popular news networks.

  1. Try Before You Buy With Sample Source

One great source for people who love window shopping is Sample Source. When you sign up, this site will send you free samples of products that you’re wanting to try before you purchase them.

  1. Test Out Enfamil Baby Formula

Baby formula is expensive, but with Enfamil’s Family Beginnings initiative, you can get free samples of formula in the mail. Plus, they send you a free gift and an abundance of coupons you can use!

  1. Try Your Hand at Tryspree

Tryspree is a site that sends you free samples so that you can try products before you purchase them. This site is simple to sign up for, and you can get tons of free stuff!

  1. Sign Up for Sample a Day

If you want to score a Sample a Day, you can visit this handy site. You’ll have to scroll through categories, but then you can choose items that you’d like to try and get sent to your door!

  1. Get Coupons in Your Email

Many websites offer free coupons as long as you subscribe to their email newsletter. Sign up for newsletters when visiting sites you’re a fan of to get all the latest free goodies from them!

  1. Look for Online Deals

Several YouTube stars such as The Freebie Lady post the latest deals and steals online each month. Subscribe to these channels and blogs to get the best deals!

Score the Best Free Samples on the Internet

With this comprehensive list, you’ll be able to score the best free samples on the internet. Be sure to sign up for some of these sites so you can get all the latest goodies!

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10 Shockingly Simple Ways to Get Free Samples

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