Spin Mop and Other Tools for Better Home Cleaning

Spin Mop

Spin Mop and Other Tools You Need to Clean Your Home

Now more than ever, you understand the need to maintain cleanliness inside your house. The pandemic caused by coronavirus tells you that keeping your home clean is important to protect yourself and your families against the dreaded COVID-19. Wiping away dirt and sanitizing surfaces can help remove microorganisms before harming your health or your loved ones.

But what are the basic home cleaning tools you need? Do you have to invest in expensive brands to ensure better cleaning? This article compiles the list of must-have cleaning materials to help you clean fast without breaking the bank.

Spin Mops

Without a doubt, mops have been the most common household tools used since time immemorial. People from all walks of life all over the world use mop in homes and offices. You can hardly find a household without a mop.

Using a mop is necessary even if you have a vacuum. The vacuum may pick up crumbs, dirt, and pet hair, but it does not effectively clean the floor. Wet mopping using the right cleaning solution can deep clean hard surfaces.

Unlike traditional mops, a spinning mop is specially designed to remove the hassles in wet mopping. They are essential for having a floor cleaning system that works on any type of surface. They have a microfiber mop head that works great for dry and wet cleaning.

One advantage of using a spin mop is that it automatically cleans and dry mop heads. For instance, the EasyWring model provides a hands-free wringing to remove dirt and water from the mop head. It has innovative handles, a foot pedal, and a bucket for hands-free wringing. Its design allows you to control the needed amount of water in the mop head.

Best of all, spin mops are inexpensive solutions that you can add to your cleaning arsenals.


A good sponge helps clean a small spot of smudge quickly. There are many types of sponges around – the regular sponge you use mostly for cleaning dishes and the sponge clothes are the most popular. The latter combines the power of a sponge and a towel which works well in cleaning a larger area. Spaghetti sponges don’t need soap, while silicone sponges last longer than the rest. Whatever you choose, a good sponge can really save your day.


Another inexpensive cleaning tool that you use every day is towels. If you have used clothes with absorbent fabrics, you can also make towels. Keep them handy in case you need to wipe the dust from your furniture, spills on the floor, pet urine, or any other kind of a mess. You can also use them to dry your kitchen and dining utensils.


You often see professional cleaners using a squeegee when cleaning the windows of commercial establishments. However, you can also use a small squeegee to clean smooth surfaces like glass and tiles. Keep one for your shower room to wipe away mildew and leave the floor dry. Protect the blade part to ensure that the tool will work longer. If the squeegee is leaving streaks, it’s time to replace the blade.

Spray Bottle

A spray bottle helps you rinse off anything with water or a cleaning agent. With a spray bottle, you don’t have to take a big pale if you only need a small quantity of water to clean a spot. You can also use it to water your indoor plants. It’s one of the cheapest cleaning tools you can buy almost anywhere.

Scrub Brush

Sometimes, wiping a surface with a sponge or cloth will not work. Tough stains on the sink or tiles in the bathroom need more than just wiping – they need scrubbing. A good scrub brush is what you need to get rid of those stains. You can use that old dish brush or arm yourself with a heavy-duty cleaning type that can last for years.

Old Toothbrush

There are some parts of the house that big tools can’t reach. For this task, a toothbrush is your best friend. Put some disinfectant in the brush head and work on the grout that lurks between the nooks and crannies in your kitchen sink and other parts of the house. If you need an arc-type brush for better cleaning, you can boil the toothbrush in water and bend the head while it’s still hot.

Your old toothbrush works fine, but there are deep cleaning brush sets available online that you can get for a little over $5 only. This tool can last longer than you think.

Broom and Dustpan

Pre-cleaning the floor with a nice broom and dustpan is essential before mopping or vacuuming. The broom and dustpan combo works great in picking up almost anything from any type of floor. If you have kids or pets, a good mopping procedure afterward is the best way to clean up spills and grime.

There are different designs of brooms and dustpans available in the market. If you have a small space, you can buy a hand broom with a dustpan for less than $8.


Having a vacuum is important to keep the floor and carpet clean and free from dust mites that cause allergies. There are different types of vacuums to choose from, and each one is designed to meet a specific need. For instance, a hybrid model combines the power of mop and vacuum for faster and easier cleaning.

There are also smart vacuum models that can work independently and offer more features. You can program them using an app to set up a cleaning schedule, mode, and the floor areas that need cleaning.

That’s it – the basic tools you need for daily home cleaning. Whether you’ve just transferred to a new place or want to add more to your cleaning kit, you can’t go wrong buying the items above.

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Spin Mop and Other Tools for Better Home Cleaning

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