When to Make an Appointment with a Professional Feline Groomer?

Feline Groomer

Your meowing pet may hardly need any groomer to keep her neat and clean. Cats are believed to groom themselves, and yes, most of them do that. Still, some purr friends may not accomplish this task purr-fectly! Some cats may not be as engaged in self-cleaning, have coats that are difficult to manage, or somehow got themselves ultra dirty or knotted up, meaning they need human intervention to get them sorted. If their hooman fails at such grooming tasks, there is always a feline groomer who your kitties can look up to.

Regular cleaning of your fur baby’s coat is essential to keep the nasty fleas and ticks at bay. Now, you don’t want your munchkin to fall sick because of flea and tick infections and a range of other diseases they bring in. Your vet is definitely there to help your furball with the treatment. Cat insurance supports your furry friend’s medical care, health checkups, diagnosis, and treatment too.

Your adorable kitty pal is covered for sickness, medical emergencies, and much more with pet insurance NZ. Still, that isn’t a reason enough to neglect your kitty’s hygiene and wellness. Taking care of your kitty’s personal hygiene is as crucial as providing her with quality medical help in needy times. A kitty that has been nurtured well is less likely to fall sick and need medical attention.

What is the grooming routine all cats require?

Irrespective of your feline family member’s age, breed, and other circumstances, she may need you to help with essential grooming, which includes brushing, bathing (only when needed!) and claw-trimming. These are simple activities that you can accomplish at home with little effort from your side. Yet, some kitties may not oblige, which is when you may have to book an appointment with a groomer.

When should you be booking an exquisite grooming date?

Senior cats groom themselves less, or they may not be as efficient at grooming as in earlier years. They may need basic brushing and clawing more often as they age. However, when you notice the below-mentioned signs, whether in younger or older kitties, then they may need the help of a professional groomer asap!

Matted fur

When the mats or knots are coming in your way while brushing the coat, you may need to take a groomer’s help. Never try to cut mats out by yourself. You may end up lacerating your kitty’s skin if you aren’t too careful. Instead, seek help from your vet’s clinic or take your kitty to a quality groomer who is well trained for this job.

Ingrown claws

Naturally, a cat’s claws curve as they grow, and sometimes they can curl up and continue to grow into the paw pad. Only a kitty suffering from this condition knows how painful it is. In such a case, you need to take your kitty to the vet as soon as possible, so he may suggest some corrective measures and medicines to ease the wound on the paw pad. Ingrown claws are a clear sign that your kitty may need frequent nail trims at home or visits to the groomer.

Anal leakage

Sometimes you may observe an unpleasant odour on the surfaces where your kitty rests. It may be because of anal leakage and if so, that needs medical attention. It would be best if you headed to the vet’s clinic first and then to the groomer’s place. If your kitty needs regular anal gland expression, there should be several experienced groomers nearby who can do it for your pet.

Gooey things on the skin

If you have noticed anything repelling on your kitty’s fur off late, then meet your pet’s groomer so she gets a rejuvenating bath. Else, your kitty may ingest it with all the licking she tries to remove off her skin.

Slight deviations from the normal are acceptable whereas if your kitty is excessively scratching herself, licking at specific spots, losing fur in patches, has a strong odour or has a peculiar eye/nose/ear discharge, you need to book an appointment with the vet and not the professional feline groomer.

Cat insurance comes to your kitty’s rescue if she has been suffering from any critical illness or health emergency for quite some time. Pet insurance NZ makes it possible for you to provide your fur baby with the best medical help with a minor burden on your wallet at all times.

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When to Make an Appointment with a Professional Feline Groomer?

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