Standing Out in 2021 is Hard. But, It Doesn’t Have to Be

Standing Out

We get it. Owning a business is a hard and stressful slog. You have your success, finances, customers, staff and loads more to juggle and worry about. But let’s not forget about your enemies. Competitors threaten your business, and there is nothing you can do about it except, go above and beyond. That being said, this can be extremely difficult in the world we are living in. Consumers have “seen it all” and are becoming extremely selective in who they buy from. So, how on earth do they stand out? And how can you take the lion’s share from your competitors? Well, the answer is very simple – video brochures! Let us explain…

They Tell Stories

When it comes to traditional brochures, you are very limited as to what you can say and what products you can promote. But, when it comes to video brochures, the sky really is the limit. Video allows you to tell stories. You can tell your prospects all about your business, what key values you hold and why they should choose you over your competitors. This storytelling capability is powerful – extremely powerful. Why? Because when consumers watch videos, it resonates and becomes personal to them. In turn, it ignites their emotions.

Build Trust

Video brochures bring your brand to life by giving it personality. This, in turn, enables you to connect with viewers and not only build their trust but to retain it. This is extremely important because if consumers don’t trust you, they will certainly not buy from you. If you are wondering why your competitors are selling more of a product than you, it could be the element of trust you are missing.

Email Marketing Out, Video Brochures In

If you like to stay in touch with your customers by using email newsletters, you might want to rethink your strategy. Yes, we agree, email marketing is highly effective even today. But it is widely used, and often, emails can end up in a spam folder. Why not ditch them? Video brochures are far more effective in terms of making an impact. You can get video brochures delivered through your customer’s doors to let them know what your business has been up to. And, in turn, they will have a creative keepsake to remember you by.

They are Personal

By adding a personal touch, your marketing message(s) can resonate with viewers, which in turn, makes it personal to them. It is this particular element that can help you stand out from your competitors. When designing your video brochures, think about how you can brand them in such a way that viewers would love. If they love what they see when it comes through their letterbox, then they are far more likely to look into your business more and make a purchase.

They Can Be Shared

Video brochures are great at communicating complex messaging. But, what makes them amazing (apart from being informative is that they deliver a “wow” factor that makes viewers want to share them with others. For you, this is a good thing because your messages will go so much further than just the recipients you send to.

They Are Cost-Effective

Video brochures are very cost-effective because they can be used time and time again and for different marketing campaigns. New video content can be uploaded via a USB interface, which means you don’t need to fork out more money whenever you want to say something different. This is, of course, something that cannot be done with traditional print brochures.

Do Something Different

So, as you can see, video brochures are certainly the way forward if you are looking to make an impact with your customers and prospects. They are creative, they tell stories, and they are highly shareable. What else is there not to like about this innovative marketing collateral?

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Standing Out in 2021 is Hard. But, It Doesn’t Have to Be

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