Steve Farella

Steve Farella, Attorney at Law

Steve Farella takes an entrepreneurial approach to his legal practice, providing advice and counsel for law firms, partnerships and high net worth families facing complex questions regarding liability, strategic planning, structure and fiduciary duties.

He has an expert grasp on rapid change, having launched MPG media for Havas before founding TargetCast tcm (now part of MDC Partners Assembly media agency).

Early Life and Education

Steve Farella hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He attended Penn State Altoona where he earned a Bachelor’s in Communication. Steve went on to found several media agencies – Havas Media USA and TargetCast tcm which later were sold off to MDC Partners – before going back into business himself with them as entrepreneurs in media agency space. Additionally he serves on MDA Board as well as St John Collins College of Professional Studies’s Advisory Board.

Farella alleges he did not commit the offense because he only joined the conspiracy because he thought it could help save his sister’s life. Additionally, Farella alleges the court violated his Sixth Amendment right by barring him from cross-examining Agent Bayless about certain statements made during a proffer session.

Professional Career

Steve Farella brings an emphasis on practicality to his practice as an attorney. Whether representing clients in trial or arbitration proceedings, his goal is always to achieve settlement terms that make financial and business sense; however, when necessary he will go straight to court to protect the best interests of his clientele.

At Farella, he applies this same philosophy in his management consulting work as an advisor to small, closely held corporations, partnerships, law firms, trusts and high net worth families facing complicated legal questions about their operations or fiduciary duties.

Assembly Media, a newly launched media agency providing scaled media solutions using innovative planning and buying technologies, was co-founded by him along with Havas’ media agency MPG (which he sold to MDC Partners). Additionally he served on MDC Media Partners Board of Directors as Chair of Governance Committee as well as St John’s University Collins College of Professional Studies Advisory Board Advisory Board and Advertising Club of New York memberships.

Achievement and Honors

Farella recently dedicated the Innovation Lab – a hands-on design and testing space on campus that helps students turn their ideas into “sellable” output – in his honor. Additionally, Farella serves on the CCPS Advisory Board and was honored with an Outstanding Achievement Award by CPS Alumni Association.

Farella is an accomplished media agency entrepreneur. In 2002 he co-founded TargetCast tcm which quickly expanded before being sold to MDC Partners and now leads both their board as well as Assembly Media boards.

He is an angel investor and principal at VFL Investment & Advisory. Additionally, he chairs the Advisory Board for St. John’s College of Professional Studies and recently became Chairman of Muscular Dystrophy Association’s board to replace outgoing Chairman Donald Wood, Ph.D.

Personal Life

Steve Farella is an advocate of Muscular Dystrophy Association and serves on their Board of Directors. Additionally, he chairs St John’s University Collins College of Professional Studies’s Advisory Board as well as recently founding angel investing firm VFL Investments & Advisory. Additionally, Steve has founded numerous successful media agencies like Havas Media USA, TargetCast tcm and MDC’s Assembly Media agency.

He further contends that the court erred by permitting Blais to testify against him, contending that any questions asked during cross-examination intended to bias a jury against them. However, the court determined that those questions did not violate any norms and any potential prejudice caused was harmless since these particular queries comprised only part of cross-examination; consequently they declined to intervene with or alter the jury verdict.

Net Worth

Steve Farella has executed 10 trades in the last 12 months worth over $191,500 and purchased and sold at least 6,567 shares of Convey Parent stock since 2013.

Farella stands as an iconic figure who has led media agencies through decades of change while remaining relevant and effective as industry leader and role model.

Before joining Jordan McGrath Case Partners and later Wells Rich Greene/BDDP, he held positions as Vice President and Associate Media Director at Benton & Bowles’ legendary media department and Senior Media Director at New York creative hot shop Ammirati & Puris before moving onto Jordan McGrath Case Partners/Wells Rich Greene/BDDP. Additionally he is an active member of both Advertising Club of New York (media policy committee) and American Association Advertising Agilysys’ (media policy committee), while also actively involved with The Muscular Dystrophy Association as both Advertising Club of New York/American Association Advertising Agilysys (media policy Committee).

Steve Farella
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