Steven Lafoy

Steven Lafoy, 17, Charged With Capital Murder

Trussville police have charged 17-year-old Steven Chase Lafoy with capital murder for the death of Trent Thomas Parkerson, 18, outside his house earlier Wednesday morning and believe Lafoy may have used a rifle to shoot him in the head.

Investigators believe two teens engaged in a physical altercation over an alleged theft; both parties were still together when police arrived at the scene.

Early Life and Education

Steven Chase Lafoy attended Hewitt-Trussville High School and played football. On April 1, Lafoy is accused of murdering Trent Thomas Parkerson, 18, found dead inside a vehicle with one bullet hole to the head at approximately 3:30 AM in the 7600 block of Happy Hollow Road according to police estimates.

Police believe a fight erupted over a stolen wallet and Lafoy shot the victim, prompting the teen to call 911 and inform authorities that someone had fired upon them, according to Det. Ben Short.

Steve is survived by two daughters – Danielle and Steven; one son (Stetson Ohaver); one sister- Lori LaFoy ;and several nieces and nephews. In his free time he enjoyed bowling, following New York Giants, Yankees, Knicks basketball teams as well as collecting stamps and coins.

Professional Career

Steve Lafoy was raised in Sherman and played baseball at both junior and senior levels, was involved with Future Farmers of America, and worked part-time for Waste Management Sherman.

Police in Alabama reported on Wednesday morning that Trent Thomas Parkerson, 18, had been shot and killed by one of his high school classmates on Wednesday morning at around 3:30 AM when officers responding to a report of shots fired found him inside his locked car with one gunshot wound to his head – one which Lafoy and Parkerson got involved in an altercation over an alleged theft incident; upon their arrival, officers found a rifle recovered at the scene.

Lafoy initially received bail on his capital murder charge and posted a $500,000 property bond, but this was later cancelled when he was arrested for possessing marijuana a month later and has remained in custody ever since.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Chase Lafoy, 18, of Alabama has been charged with capital murder in connection with the April 1, 2020, shooting of Trent Thomas Parkerson at Hewitt-Trussville High School and football team member. It’s believed Lafoy shot Parkerson as they had an altercation over an alleged theft and as they both tried to flee.

Police discovered Parkerson dead in his locked car from one gunshot to the head, Lafoy called 911 and reported being involved in a fight with Parkerson before being arrested at the scene and posting a $500,000 property bond for release; however, after being charged with possessing marijuana a month later his bond was revoked and remains imprisoned today.

Personal Life

Steven Chase Lafoy of Alabama was recently charged with capital murder for the death of Hewitt-Trussville High School classmate Trent Thomas Parkerson on Wednesday April 1, 2017 outside Lafoy’s house on 7600 Happy Hollow Road near his friend and football teammate Trent Thomas Parkerson’s locked car containing one bullet hole. Investigators suspect a physical altercation over an alleged theft led up to this shooting incident.

Lafoy had posted a $500,000 property bond as his bail to be released from jail; however, that bond was later revoked when he was charged with possessing marijuana and taken back to Jefferson County Jail.

Steven Lafoy
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