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Jalen Butler, 18, Was Sentenced to Life in Prison For the Death of Steven Sitts, 48, Last October

Jalen Butler, 18, was sentenced to life imprisonment after fatally shooting 48-year-old Michael Leuben last year at his home. Butler pled guilty to murder with gun specifications and tampering with evidence in connection with this act of violence.

Sitts leaves behind his children: Alison Leston, Adam Leston and Kathleen Saul; 15 grandchildren – Lucas Leston, Sydney Leston, Max Leston, Theresa Brzezinski, Lindsay Dyer Anderson Jordan Brzezinski Mathews

Early Life and Education

Steve Tisch was born February 14th 1949 in Lakewood Township, New Jersey to Joan Hyman and Preston Tisch, who both served in film and television industry respectively as producers. Joan Hyman worked as an agent while Preston Tisch served as film/television executive while Laurie served as a philanthropist; their children Jonathan and Laurie are Steve’s siblings.

At four years old, he experienced his musical awakening when he accidentally pushed the ivory keys on his aunt’s piano and accidentally released some forbidden ivory keys he hadn’t been permitted to push down – from then on he knew that being a musician was the path he wanted to follow.

He began his musical career at a local studio. While in high school, he participated in multiple bands before eventually joining Rayge at 14-15 years old. Rayge was his favorite band to perform with, featuring their catchy rock sound while enjoying everything about being teenager like socializing, dating girls, and getting into trouble!

Personal Life

An 18-year-old from Akron, Ohio will spend the rest of his life behind bars after pleading guilty to murder with gun specifications and tampering with evidence charges in October’s shooting death of 48-year-old Steven Sitts over an argument about his phone at his residence. Jalen Butler had been accused of shooting Sitts after an altercation at Sitts’s residence.

According to court documents, Sitts was killed from a single gunshot wound to the head and found inside a residence located in the 500 block of Dayton Street. Shortly thereafter, police officers and U.S. Marshals Service Task force members located Butler less than two weeks after his murder.

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Net Worth

At his death, Steve Sitts’ estate was worth an estimated $80.8 million. At 48 years old, Sutton began his real estate career by finding retail space for discount shoe retailer Payless before building up an expansive property portfolio in Chicago, Florida and Sarasota. Six of Sutton’s children still reside within Wheaton/Glen Ellyn area while Esther survived him along with siblings and grandchildren.

Sitt Asset Management was established by Joe’s cousin Edward Sitt (166 Norwood Avenue). Joe owned his three-story waterfront home as well as property around Runyan Avenue with Edward, who also founded Sitt Asset Management. Joe, Edward and Edward’s two nephews owned more than 22 Deal properties with their last name listed – including Joe’s townhouse at 166 Norwood Avenue owned by him and one near Runyan Avenue owned by him both!

steven sitts
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