5 Fun Streaming Workouts You Can Do in Your Bedroom

streaming workouts

Spring is in the air… and so are viruses and pollen. If you’re one of the many people avoiding exercise to dodge these airborne contaminants, you’re going to be adding on a few pounds. According to research, even steadfast dieting won’t stop you from gaining weight if you’re not working out, too.

But what can you do to exercise when options are so limited? We’ve found a solution that lets you stay home and stay healthy. The best part about it is that you won’t even need to leave your bedroom to get ready for the swimsuit season.

Forget the treadmill. Drop the kettlebell. All these workouts require is your A-game and internet access.

We adore these streaming workouts and know you will, too. Try out one (or more) of these amazing workout sessions to improve your health and knock people out with your new and improved figure.

1. Low-Stress Streaming Workouts

There’s no shame in taking it easy when you’re starting off your in-home workout sessions. With the low-key exercises found in Eccentrics online classes, you can take things at your own pace. These workouts are great for beginners, for those who may be trying to get back into the workout routine, and for when you need a low-key workout.

If you got hurt at work, you’re going to want to contact a workers’ comp doctor before you get started to make sure you’re ready to start these sessions. Once you know you’re in the clear, you can start rebuilding muscle strength so you can vamp up to the more intense workout sessions.

2. Find Inner Zen

There’s nothing more soothing than a good yoga session. Even if you’re a bodybuilder or professional athlete, adding yoga to your workout regimen will ensure your body is nimble enough to avoid injuries caused by overly tight muscles.

So whether you’re looking for light stretches or heavy core training, you can find your balance with yoga classes. And when you try one of the many DoYogaWithMe classes, you can improve your flexibility and mental stamina for free. Achieving nirvana has never been easier.

3. Pilates Perfection

Looking to get a little more toned? If you haven’t given pilates a chance, now’s the time to try it out.

Pilates is similar to yoga but with a greater focus on toning up your muscles. The Amsterdam-based PLTS Studios is streaming live pilates videos for free on Instagram and Vimeo. Just jump on one of these online platforms and get started on building a better you.

4. It’s Crunch Time

If you’re a fan of Crunch gym, we’ve got great news! They’re bringing their hardcore routines straight to your home. With their new streaming service, Crunch Live, you can choose from tons of fun and energetic workouts.

When you use Crunch Live, the only thing you’ll be catching this season is dance fever. And at only 10 dollars a month, you won’t have to break the bank to get back into your skinny summer attire.

5. Mirror, Mirror, on Your Wall

Need a little extra motivation in your exercise regimen? Take live classes with the Mirror and watch yourself burn calories as you go.

This groundbreaking technology provides active feedback from start to finish. And if there are areas you can improve on, your virtual instructor will let you know. With tons of programs to choose from and a personal trainer only a click away, you really can be the fairest of them all.

Stay at Home (and In Shape)

It may be hard to get out right now, but with these streaming workouts, getting in shape is going to be a cinch. Do a quick routine then jump back in bed for more (well deserved) Netflix and chill time. And when it’s safe to go back out, you can wow your friends and turn heads with your well-toned body.

Interested in reading more about what’s in and what’s out? Check out more of our articles to learn all about the hottest trends and healthy lifestyle tips.

5 Fun Streaming Workouts You Can Do in Your Bedroom

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