11 Stylish Indoor Hanging Plants To Decorate Your Home

Hanging plants

Looking to create a jungly feeling in a room, or add some fresh green elegance to a space, but don’t have the luxury of spare clear surfaces to place plants? Rest assured you are not alone! Indoor hanging plants are here to help.

Whether you want to create an impressive multi-leveled plant experience or add a touch of green to a small space, we have a hanging plant for you!

Below are 11 of our best indoor hanging plants, beautifully diverse in their shapes, colors, textures, and characters. Read on to find the best indoor hanging plant to suit you.

1 – String of Hearts

String of Hearts


String of hearts is an icon in the world of hanging plants. If treated well its delicate vines can grow long enough to be woven all the way across a room like leafy natural fairy lights.

Despite its delicate slender vines, this plant is remarkably tough and doesn’t need much water. Its silvery heart-shaped leaves will be accompanied by blossoms of small light pink flowers in the summer. These long vines look beautifully elegant draped down a wall, across picture frames, or around a window frame.

Don’t worry if your string of hearts growth seems to slow in the winter, they like to hibernate a little and will resume growing with new-found energy in the spring.

This plant can be bought with a Kokodama: a style of hanging bowl traditionally from Japan. Our Kokodama’s are made from coconut fiber and are fully biodegradable. Part of the profits made from them goes towards supporting the education of children in Thailand where they are made.

2 – Asparagus Emerald Fern ‘Sprengeri’


It may surprise you to hear that not all indoor hanging plants drape. The Asparagus Emerald Fern ‘Sprengeri’ is far too lively to dangle down a wall. Instead, this stunning plant appears to float mid-air like an elegant green cloud of delicate pointed leaves.

Although its intricate leaves appear very fern-like, this unusual plant is in fact part of the lily family. It is easy to look after, needing only indirect light, and the occasional spray from a mister during the winter when the heating is on and the air can become dry.

This is the ideal indoor hanging plant for houses where dangling plants risk getting tangled in rouge children and pets. The Asparagus Emerald Fern will instantly bring an energizing, joyful feel to a space with its vibrant quirky green style.

3 – Boston Fern

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern will breathe a breath of fresh clear forest air into your house, quite literally. This beautiful fern is renowned for its ability to filter air and regulate humidity, making it a popular house plant.

Its finely detailed fractal leaves offer a feeling of balance and a gentle explosion of delicate green foliage to any room. Its small and compact size makes it ideal for those with limited space.

This indoor hanging plant loves humidity so will be particularly happy in a kitchen or bathroom, but can be placed anywhere if regularly misted to provide it with the humidity it loves.

4 – Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Plant

The lively lipstick plant will add a touch of luscious jungle to any room. Its glossy pointed leaves cascade in thick wiggly torrents down the sides of the pot and can produce beautiful red blossoms in the summer. It is the shape and color of these flower buds that give the Lipstic Plant its name.

This plant likes bright light but should be kept out of direct sunlight and is non-toxic so safe to be around pets and children.

If you are looking to fill a space with vibrant dynamic foliage the Lipstick Plant is the best indoor hanging plant for you!

5 – Curly Spider Plant with Coconut pot

Curly Spider Plant with Coconut pot

You are probably highly familiar with the trusty old spider plant, favored for the fact its stripy leaves grow at the speed of light, even with almost no attention. But have you met its curly cousin?

The elegant arks of this curly spider plant’s leaves create a soft, ripple-like effect as they reach past each other from its hanging pot.

The curly spider plant grows just as fast and easily as its more mainstream cousin, so is one of the best indoor hanging plants for anyone new to the world of plant care.

This indoor hanging plant comes in a biodegradable pot made from coconut and has a detachable hanger so you can either place the pot high on a shelf or suspend it elegantly from the ceiling.

6 – Green Sweetheart Plant

Green Sweetheart Plant

With its dark green, heart-shaped leaves this plant makes a wonderful anniversary gift. What better symbol of a flourishing relationship than a stunning, long-living, and fast-growing plant that fills the room with vines of heart-shaped leaves as it grows?

This indoor hanging plant is great for filtering your air and increasing the humidity in your home. It is native to South and Central America where it is found in the wild climbing up tree trunks with its agile stems.

Unlink others in the philodendron family it doesn’t demand as much water. Its only request is that it prefers to be watered with rainwater, as it would in its natural habitat.

7 – Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

With poised, pointed green leaves streaked with yellow that arc upward, this is a plant with a bold but simple structure that works beautifully with chic, minimalist aesthetics.

Golden Pothos’s vines have a lot of reach so will look great spread along a shelf or windowsill. It grows rapidly so will quickly fill whatever space you choose for it.

Despite being known also as Devil’s Eye, Ivy Arum, and Taro Vine this plant won’t cause you any trouble. It is in fact incredibly easy-going so ideal for those without much experience with plant care.

8 – Blue Star Fern

Blue Star Fern

The swirls of this plant’s dusty silver and blue-green foliage have an under the sea feeling that is perfect for bringing a seaside vibe to any room.

In the wild, Blue Star Ferns attach themselves to trees from which they draw their nutrients. They are therefore used to living under the shade of the thick rainforest canopy so do not require direct sunlight.

This elegant indoor hanging plant is an idea for steamy environments, such as the kitchen or bathroom, as it absorbs most of its moisture from the air, rather than its roots.

Due to their large surface area, ferns leaves are particularly good at purifying the air by absorbing both electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices, as well as carbon dioxide, and removing dust particles from the air. Look after this plant well and it will look after you too!

9 – Peperomia pepperspot

Peperomia pepperspot

Whether the tale that this plant brings prosperity and wealth is still to be confirmed. However, it is guaranteed that the peperomia pepperspot will quickly fill your room with flourishing green life and tiny green coin-like leaves!

The satisfying repetition of different-sized circular leaves across this plant has a soothing effect. When displayed as a hanging plant its circular leaves give the impression of a pot bubbling over in slow motion.

This indoor hanging plant is easy to care for and non-toxic so safe around children and pets. Its shorter vines also mean that when suspended from the ceiling it is unlikely to become entwined with unsuspecting pets or small children.

10 – Kangaroo Fern

Kangaroo Fern

If your looking to add a touch of the wild green jungle vitality to your home this is the best indoor hanging plant for you! This plant can grow up to a meter (in pretty much any direction!) and has wild curls of bright waxy green foliage that are full of life.

It gets its name, ‘Kangaroo Fern’, from the shape of its leaves which are said to look like kangaroos toes. So, if you’ve always dreamed of a space full of kangaroo toes, or just filled with beautiful wild-looking green foliage, the kangaroo Fern is for you!

This plant is, of course, native to Australia and New Zealand, and so likes sun (although not direct sunlight), warmth, and to be watered whenever the top layer of soil dries out.

11. Pilea Depressa ‘Baby Tears’ with Coconut pot

Pilea Depressa 'Baby Tears' with Coconut pot

This froth of tiny, bright green leaves maintains its vibrant green color even during the winter and, despite its name, is ideal for creating a cheery, playful aesthetic.

Pilea Depresse ‘Baby Tears’ comes in a pot that has been hand-made from coconut fiber and is 100% biodegradable.

This little indoor hanging plant is native to the Caribbean so likes to be kept humid, watered regularly, and should not be placed above a radiator as it will become too dry. It likes indirect sunlight and should be fed once a month during the summer.

Treat it well and it will reward you with more delicate, fresh green leaves than you could possibly count!

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11 Stylish Indoor Hanging Plants To Decorate Your Home

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