The UEFA Euro Cup 2008 Ball

The Europass is the official match ball for UEFA Euro Cup 2008. It was introduced on 2 December 2007. The ball features 14 panels instead of the traditional 32. The ball’s construction resembles that of the Teamgeist used in the 2006 World Cup. The ball’s edges are thermally bonded and a special adhesive is used for water resistance and durability. The ball’s appearance reflects its performance.

The Euro Cup’s passing inspired the design. The European flags were incorporated into the soccer ball’s design. The ball’s eight white circles represent the national flags from Austria and Switzerland. The twelve black dots represent the Henri Delaunay Trophy as well as the graphic designs of all the champion countries. The ball also has a unique logo that encapsulates the history of the tournament, as well as the team’s journey to the final.

The Europass Gloria ball had only 14 panels instead of 32. The extra panels were used in the final match to improve grip. The ball’s design is based on the Tango series from the 1980s and features an outline that was inspired by Poland and Ukraine. It also features custom graphics that celebrate the decorative art of papercutting, which is a traditional craft in both countries. However, this ball was a great success.

The UEFA Euro Cup 2008 Ball
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