Things To Consider For Your Next Bedroom Set

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Redecorating your bedroom? Moving into a new home? Either case is an excellent excuse for buying a brand new bedroom set. But before you jump online and start browsing the myriad of options, you’ll want to narrow down what you really want for your new bedroom. Here are some things to consider that many people overlook, which can cause problems when your furniture arrives. You can learn more about furniture sets for your bedroom:

Number and type of pieces

How large is your space? The number of pieces you choose from within the same furniture collection will depend largely on this measurement. In addition to knowing the size of your bedroom, you also need to check the specifications for the furniture you want to get. A furniture provider like can help with choosing the right furniture for your space.

The most common types of bedroom furniture that people get from the same collection are:

  • Bed frame, headboard, and footboard (you’ll also want a mattress and box spring, but these will come from a different brand)
  • At least one nightstand, two nightstands if the bed will be shared by a couple.
  • A dresser, with or without a mirror

Some other types of bedroom furnishings you might consider include:

  • Armoires
  • Media chests
  • Bedroom benches and ottomans
  • Hidden storage within benches, ottomans, or stools
  • Jewelry Armoires
  • Floor-length mirrors, some with hidden jewelry space

You may also want to look at similar collections within the same brand if you would also like to include a small sitting area. This can be done easily with a comfortable accent chair and a small side table.

Size of the room and walk space

Make sure that you remember to leave room for walk space around the bed and dresser. This should be at least a couple of feet, although 36 inches is the standard space allotted for those using mobility devices.

You also need to decide what types of pieces you want, which largely depends on how you like to organize your bedroom. Most people get a dresser or chest of drawers for clothing, nightstands for a bedside surface and more storage, and of course a bed. But you might also want to choose a bedroom bench, an armoire, a media chest, or many other options. Know what you want going into the search.

Style and themes

Before jumping into designing your new bedroom, you need to decide what decor style or theme you want to employ as you pull things together. The most popular styles today are modern, luxe, modern farmhouse, traditional, and eclectic. Choose one style for the room and stick with it as you choose furnishings and decor. Whatever you choose, it shouldn’t look out of place compared to the rest of the home.

Height and ergonomic features

It is important to take height into consideration, particularly when choosing your bed. People of smaller stature will need a low bed frame or platform so that they can sit comfortably without a step stool. Those with joint issues should have a bed that sits 18 to 24 inches high with a firmness that gives the necessary support.

You should also be careful about getting large pieces like armoires if you cannot reach the top shelf without a step stool. If you are going to be using a step stool but still want such tall furniture, you should make sure that the furniture is firmly attached to the wall. When you buy quality bedroom furniture, it will come with hardware specifically for that purpose.

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Things To Consider For Your Next Bedroom Set

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