10 Ways to Include Loved Ones in Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Our nearest and dearest are usually happy to do us special favors. Even happier when these favors are in relation to something as special as a wedding. Giving close friends and family wedding ceremony roles during this wonderful time in your life is a way to honor them and include them in your joy. From handling things like the bride box or some other wedding arrangement, there is always some creative and helpful way they can be included.

These significant roles also do not have to be strictly about the wedding. There are also pre-wedding events that younger family members or friends can be a part of. If you have wedding party roles to fill, then all you need to figure out is how to ask someone to be in your wedding party. Once you have that filled, members of your wedding party can handle the management of your bachelorette party and so on. No one needs to be left out; read on for some great ideas on roles in a wedding ceremony.

1. Bridal Boxes

Bridal Boxes
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A wedding subscription box is an important aspect of most wedding preparation. With the miss to mrs bridal box in particular, you get planning essentials, décor pieces, luxurious items for relaxation from the stress of planning and much more. A close family member or friend can be assigned to handle getting the bridal box subscription and customizing it with items they are sure you will need. The miss to mrs bride subscription box provides you with essentials from before your wedding, right up to your honeymoon. And every item can arrive as a fun surprise if a loved one handles the bride box subscription.

2. Have Them Greet the Guests

If you’re not having a family-only wedding ceremony, then having a loved one greet the guests can be very helpful. This can ensure that no one gets lost on their way to your wedding ceremony. Guests will also feel extra welcome and at home if there is someone friendly to greet them.

3. Ask Them to Usher

Some people wonder, do you need ushers at a wedding? Well, yes and no. But, having ushers will make things much simpler. If you have young family members who would love to help, then it would be nice if they could usher guests to their seats. Friends who did not make the bridal party list can help guests find their seats or table.

4. They CanHand OutPrograms

Another job for greeters, ushers, or any children you might have who are too old to be ring bearers or flower girls, is to hand out programs. Each guest can be given a program as they walk in the door. This would be much easier than handing them out after they are seated.

5. They Can Walk You Down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle isn’t always exclusive to fathers. And what can you do if a father isn’t even in the picture? A mother, brother, friend, or close uncle can be asked to fill this role. It would be a way of appreciating their presence in your life, and they would most definitely feel honored to do it.

6. They Can Act as A Ring Guard

A wedding without a child as a ring bearer can have an adult ring guard. Someone to keep in charge of the rings, to keep them safe until they are needed. Almost anyone close to you that you trust, can fill this role. They would need to sit somewhere upfront to be accessible at the appropriate time.

Wedding Ceremony

7. They Can Perform the Ceremony

Performing a wedding ceremony can be a very special thing to do. You can honor a loved one by giving them this beautiful role. Having someone close to you preside over your wedding, can make your special day even much more special.

8. Give Them a Reading

Another on our list of roles in a wedding is a wedding reading. Some close friend or family member might love to say something at your wedding. They could read a blessing, prayer, or poem that is significant to them or one that they know you love.

9. A Talented Loved One Can Perform

You might have that one friend or family member who is quite the talent, or perhaps even popular. They would be happy to perform at your wedding. They could render a song at your wedding ceremony, dance at your wedding reception, or play a musical instrument.

10. Include Them inA Special Ceremony

If you’re having a special wedding ceremony like a handfasting or sand ceremony, this would be one way to include a loved one. At the appropriate time, they could fasten both your hands with the ribbons, or assist in pouring the sand. Giving your loved ones a chance to be a part of your wedding in this way is quite meaningful. It says I love you, you are still a part of me, and you are definitely a part of this new union.

These are all great wedding ceremony roles and your loved ones will be happy to be included. However, it is important to ask them first if they would like to be involved, before including them. Some people might have social anxiety, and some others might prefer different roles to the one you initially thought to give them. For others, it might just not be a good time.

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10 Ways to Include Loved Ones in Your Wedding Ceremony

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