30 Things To Do In Summer

Things To Do In Summer

Oddly enough, because we have hardly enjoyed spring, summer is just around the corner. And that means sun, beach, days off, and lots of cool plans. So today I have made one of those “idyllic” posts in which I mention 30 things to do in summer that will make you want to see it arrive now!

They are plans, in addition, quite affordable economically (many at zero cost), and that you can also do yourself or share them with the little ones in the house. The point is to enjoy!

1. Sleeping under the stars

Sleeping under the stars is an awesome experience. You should try it with any friend with a lawn in the garden or go anywhere for camping.😛

2. Have a “photogenic” ice cream

We are no longer worth just any ice cream, it has to be one worthy of Instagram. Surely they have already set up a nice ice cream place in your city!

3. Water war

With guns, with balloons, or simply with hoses, it is a must in summer!

4. Make a “road trip”

It does not matter if it is to a nearby city. Car trips are always cool, especially if we get off the highways and go on older roads.

5. Go to a concert or a festival

For me, this is super basic but there are many people who do not. And it is the most!

6. Bathing in a river

Summertime is taking place and people go to the beaches… But with how much fun it is to go to the river! And the dogs love it.

7. Movie or series marathon

Take advantage of a day when the weather is more unruly and stay at home doing a movie or series marathon. And if you can convince that friend with a lawn in the garden and set up a giant screen… Much better!

8. Learn something

Ok… In summer you want to enjoy yourself, but you can also take advantage of your free days to learn something. And here I take advantage of the spam moment to recommend my Photoshop course 😛

9. Draw

Take the notebook, the pencil, go to the street, sit down and draw what you see. It doesn’t matter if you feel bad … It will relax you and it will be a different time.

10. Losing yourself in your city

I love New Mexico in summer because it stays empty. Okay, it’s very hot, but going for a walk when the sun gives up is a great plan.

11. Go to a summer cinema

Watching a movie outdoors is the best. Don’t forget the popcorn!

12. Leaving notes or letters

The idea of ​​leaving post-its with messages on the street has always enchanted me. And if you want to feel like a pirate, write a letter, put it in a glass bottle, and throw it into the sea!

13. Go to a museum or exhibition

Take advantage of the fact that in summer they tend to be quieter, they also have air conditioning!

14. Make your collection of shells and conches

If you are one of those who hang out all summer on the beach, start your collection of marine treasures. Let’s see how many you have at the end of the summer!

15. Board Game Night

Gather a few friends and plan a board game night. May the best win!

16. Read a lot

Free time, more books. There is no excuse!

17. Lighting a sparkler

It is not something exclusive to summer but it has always seemed like a very summer thing to me. It will be because it reminds me of a festival!

18. Getting a temporary tattoo

Tattoos have always seemed hilarious to me. Take advantage of the fact that now you show more skin to wear one. But I’m not talking about the crappy pipes, buy yourself a cool one!

19. Make a barbecue

Another basic! Whether on the beach, in a garden, or in a patio, at least one in the summer you have to organize😛

20. Send postcards

From the places you visit or from your home. The point is to send them!

21. Make homemade slushie or lemonade

Healthy and refreshing … You’ll love it!

22. Grow a plant

Take advantage of your free time to get a plant. Or to plant the seeds. Or get some tomatoes or strawberries!

23. Make a watermelon pizza

They are still really cool. And your Instagram will also be cool😛

24. Throw lanterns and make a wish

Since I saw that they were sold on Amazon, I am wishing I had some excuse to throw them into the sky

25. See the Perseids

Write down the date in your calendar because it is an essential appointment.

26. Clean up things you no longer want

Surely you have many things at home that you no longer want. It’s time to give them away! Soldier to Soldier Hawaii Realty provides maintenance services for the house.

27. Visit a market

One medieval, one artisanal, one traditional … Surely there are many to choose from! You can also select something special to wear from online stores like Fhcp.ca and Mato & Hash

28. Enjoy good breakfasts

We have more time, so having a good breakfast is mandatory. And if you have the opportunity to prepare a beautiful table, on your patio or terrace, all the better!

29. Listening to loud music

Summer and music go hand in hand. Put it on full volume and dance. Of course, do not do it at nap time!

30. Do hobbies

Another must of the summer. My favorites for a few years now are theBlackie Books Summer Notebook.

What are your plans for this summer?

30 Things To Do In Summer

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