How To Pull Off a Themed Party

Themed Party

Everyone loves a good theme party, but they are sometimes hard to pull off. It’s important to realize that once you decide on a theme, you need to go all in. Paper plates and a banner are not going to cut it. To host a theme party that everyone will talk about, you need to create an immersive experience.

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The experience should start when guests walk through the door. Go for a jaw-dropping display in the entryway of your home to set the tone for the night. Balloon organic decor Toronto is a perfect way to go big and bold without spending too much money.

Also, create a space for pictures. People love to pose for pictures, especially at a theme party. Set up an area with a nice backdrop and props. Create frames and cut-outs that feature the theme and the reason for the party.


Music often gets overlooked when planning a theme party, even though it sets a mood like nothing else. Don’t just play the same top hits that your friends and family always listen to. Create your own playlist that goes with the theme. If you’re short on time or aren’t familiar with a lot of music, then look on Spotify for playlists that others have created.


Food can be the hardest category to fit into a theme. If your theme relates to a place or decade, then look for what types of food are popular in that time or place. For TV, movie or genre themes, incorporating food is trickier. In this case, go for visual appeal. Make some food items that look like themed objects. One or two dishes will do, then fill in the rest of the menu with simple delicious treats.


Party favors are not just for kids’ parties, and they don’t need to come in a labeled plastic bag. Instead, allow guests to take home props from the picture area or small decorations. Depending on the theme, you can place necklaces, glasses or hair accessories by the front door for people to wear and then take home.

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How To Pull Off a Themed Party

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