3 Tips for Making This Year’s Family Photo Extra Special

Family Photo

Whether your family makes time for an official family photoshoot every year or every ten years, consider making your next photo unique with abstract backdrops. Family photos often find themselves displayed in prominent places in your home, so why not create one you love? Consider a few tips that may help you take your household’s portrait to the next level.

1. Be Silly

Though it may be tempting to try to put your family members in the perfect coordinating clothes and achieve just the right poses, a silly photo that displays each person’s personality is often more meaningful. For instance, consider taking a candid shot that captures the normal mayhem that takes place in your home from day to day. Additionally, you could even consider using some special effects to make your photo one-of-a-kind, such as hiring someone who can convert photo to caricature Atlanta GA.

2. Design a Collage

Another way to spice up this year’s family photo is to use several photos to create a collage. This combination of images could involve photos from past years, photos taken throughout the current year or a variety of group and individual shots of family members. Consider purchasing a frame with spaces for numerous photos, loading several pictures on a digital frame or printing out canvases and designing your own collage.

3. Try a New Location

A final tip to keep in mind as you plan out your next family photo opportunity is that you don’t always have to take photos at home on the holidays. Consider making time for a photoshoot while you’re on vacation, for instance. If the holidays are the only time your whole family is together, try going outside or setting up a different backdrop of some kind.

Family photos are a great way of preserving important memories. By switching up your normal routine this year, you may be able to take a photo that is the most memorable one yet.

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3 Tips for Making This Year’s Family Photo Extra Special

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