The 3 Most Engaging Types of Entertainment


Entertainment, in general, requires audiences to engage with the performance and the artists in some level. Even something as passive as watching a movie or listening to music requires interaction via consumption and possibly analysis. However, there are some performances or shows that appeal to multiple senses or ask for participation more than others. The following types of entertainment fit this description.

1. Multi-Sensory Theater

Most theater audiences consume performances passively, usually by watching and listening to them. There are murder mystery plays that encourage audience participation, but multi-sensory theater projects such as SenseAbility Minneapolis MN take this concept further. Some of these events require the participants to blindfold themselves to enhance their other senses. Others weave in smells, textures and tastes to enhance an otherwise traditional play.

2. Aerial Performances

Usually, live performances are restricted to the center stage while the audience watches, leaving a great amount of empty space above the spectators. Aerial circus acts aim to occupy this space and involve the attendants into the show as much as possible. Performers of trapeze, cloud swing, aerial silk and other similar acts use rigging and a variety of tools like hoops and ropes to dance and fly above the spectators. They can feel inside the show and see it close without leaving their seats.

3. Mentalism and Hypnotism

Magicians generally involve audience volunteers in the act. Mentalists and hypnotists evolve this participation by getting personal and involving the human mind. Mentalists use a combination of pre-established information, observation and mental math to reproduce mind-reading abilities. Some can even place individuals in a hypnotic state that makes them more suggestible to commands. Their minds and bodies are part of a light-hearted and comedic show, instead of just witnessing it.

While most spectator art is meant to be consumed by the audience, there are some exceptions that require more engagement than others. Multi-sensory theater, aerial acts and mentalism are some of these projects that fully immerse viewers or encourage an active role.

The 3 Most Engaging Types of Entertainment

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