5 Tips for Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

You might believe that you can’t learn new things on the go, but it’s not true. There is a whole range of apps and websites which will help you learn in your spare time or during your commute. These range from audiobooks to podcasts to interactive learning games.

With so many options available for mobile learning on the go, how can we make the most out of them? To help answer this question, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways you can learn more on the go and increase your productivity.

  1. Audiobooks and Podcasts

First, there are many resources available for learning on mobile devices. You can listen to audiobooks from the library or download them from your favorite websites (Audible). You can also use your podcast-listening time for studying and listen to content in bite-sized chunks.

  1. Mobile Apps

You might not be too familiar with mobile apps yet, but plenty of them are out there. They make it easy to generate notes, organize your work and refer to the information at a later date. And don’t forget that no matter how old you are, you’re never too old for learning games and education apps!

There are many education smartphone apps that teach you everything from how-to guides to science. There are even apps to learn languages! The Nerdish app is a great way to fuel your curiosity.

  1. Social Media

The next step is to make use of social media in your quest for knowledge. Start with Facebook and Twitter and search for pages of interest, then follow them. You will soon find that you have a constant stream of information coming to you, and it is vital to stay up-to-date with current affairs. It also keeps your mind stimulated!

And, the latest trend is TikTok learning – Think Twitter and Youtube combined. As you watch and interact with videos, it shows you relevant content like no other. Great for anyone wanting to learn more from a self-discovery perspective! But where TikTok excels is its eerily accurate algorithm.

  1. Youtube

Are you dying to watch the latest viral video? You can learn a lot from YouTube videos, but you have to be careful to stay up-to-date with new content. That said, watching Youtube videos is a great way to learn more about the world for those longer journeys and times away.

  1. Google

When we talk about Google, we often think about searching for information. Yet, you can also use Google to learn a whole variety of things. For example, type “how to cook that” or “how do I do this” and add the name of a subject that you want to learn about.

And, now, this is easier than ever with Google voice search. All it takes is a wake word through your headphones, and you’re there! As long as you don’t mind looking like you’re talking to yourself in public, you can ask Google to execute any command and answer any question (or play those podcasts we mentioned earlier) even with your hands full.,

Mobile Learning Has Never Been Easier

These tips will help you keep up-to-date with the latest technology and learn useful things to help you become a better person.

So the next time you’re on a long journey, take advantage of all these mobile learning tools available to you to increase your productivity and overall happiness.

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5 Tips for Mobile Learning

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