Tips for Quitting Alcohol


Alcoholism is a way of seeping into every part of your life, whether you like it or not, whether intended or otherwise. No matter how closely guarded it is as a secret, it eventually pours out in the open.

If you’re suffering from alcoholism, and have now decided that you want to come clean and be sober, here are some helpful tips you might find to get you to quit alcohol once and for all.

Remove Items of Temptation At Home

For an alcoholic, as long as there is booze available and accessible, the party just keeps going. If you want to get rid of your dependence on alcohol, do a thorough cleaning of your place. Dispose of all the bottles you find, especially because these are easy triggers.

At this point, there should be negotiating as to how much alcohol should be allowed at your place, because technically there should be none. You want to have a fresh start, and that’s not going to be possible if there are remnants and reminders in your cupboards.

Avoid Triggering Situations

As much as possible, avoid gatherings that may contain trigger items for you. Are you attending a family weekend gathering where alcohol is most probably going to be present? You can try to excuse yourself from the event, if possible, or at the very least, show up but with a firm resolution that you’re not going to drink, even just socially.

If they are aware that you are quitting drinking, it might also prove to be helpful, because more people are more likely to empathize with situations that are clear to them, as opposed to vague and abstract messaging.


Journaling is actually a great way of keeping yourself in check. Write down your unfiltered thoughts every single day, if possible, and be honest about your objectives, assessments, and feelings for the day. This way, you can also practice your communication skills, which will definitely come in handy as you go meet more people.

Journaling also helps you stay in the moment as you carefully inspect the different emotions that you may have gone through. More than that, it helps give you a clear picture of what usually triggers you, which responses work, and which ones could use some improvement.

Get Professional Help

You don’t have to deal with your alcoholism by your lonesome. Your family and friends are there to lend their support, but also, you need a more definite game plan to help you overcome your addiction to alcohol.

This is why you should consider looking into rehabilitation facilities, such as Villa San Miguel Detox & Wellness ( Rehab facilities such as these not only provide the space where you can get better without any interruption but can also give guidance on your medication plan.

They will first have you undergo a comprehensive exam to figure out how they can help exactly. Based on the findings of the exam, your doctor can then plot a medication plan for you to follow. It’s not going to be an easy journey, but with the right tools and support, you can soon be well & and on your way to wellness.

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Tips for Quitting Alcohol

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