Tips On How to Make Your Music Go Viral


Are you wondering what it will take for your music to go viral? How many streams does it take to go viral? The quick answer is around 5 million streams. This number sounds like a lot, but these tips will help you boost your music streams and get you started toward your goal of going viral.

Upload your music to platforms – Upload your music to platforms like Spotify and your music will get extra exposure. If you want to give your music an extra boost on the platforms, you can also consider buying plays on Spotify.

Create a Brand– Before you can go viral, you need to figure out the best way to market yourself. What type of music are you creating? What makes your music different from all the rest? Once you identify these things, then you can start building your brand. Try creating a logo and use the same fonts and colors across everything you publish. When people can recognize you, they are more likely to remember you and your music. You could even create merchandise to sell at your events!

Network– People in your direct network may have connections that you can tap into. Do you have a friend with a large following on YouTube? Try asking if you can be a guest on one of their videos to share your music with their audience. Content creators you know may be looking for something new for their audience, and you will be able to share your music with many people who you may not have been able to connect with otherwise. You can also send your music to a local radio station. You never know who might listen.

Start an Email List– Creating an email list gives you the ability to keep people updated on what you are creating. Gather email addresses by incentivizing the connection. You can do a giveaway and require an email address for entry, or give fans perks for signing up such as bonus content. The more email addresses you add, the more people are interacting with your content. 

Play Live Shows– One practical way to get your music in front of an audience is to look for ways to play live. Lots of small venues allow musicians to come in and play live on evenings or weekends. Next time you go to your local coffee shop, ask about opportunities to play! You can promote your event and increase traffic into the business as well. Don’t forget to promote your giveaway at the event to get more email subscribers.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage– Don’t forget to share your music on your social media platforms like TikTok. Many platforms have creator features that will give you analytics tools for tracking activity on your posts. Use Instagram to post photos of your backstage setup, go live on Facebook, or post an early release of a song on TikTok. Your fans use lots of different types of social media, so you should diversify your content to reach more people. 

Have fun– It may take a while to go viral, but don’t give up. Enjoy the process and remember that you are doing this because you love music. You have a message to share with the world. Be yourself, and don’t forget to have fun. 

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 Tips On How to Make Your Music Go Viral

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