Tips on Making a Small Space Look Bigger

Tips on Making a Small Space Look Bigger

Most of us dream of decorations that we plan for our home, whether our place or rental. But unfortunately, lack of space poses a severe challenge. Because of that, we often fail to implement the style and design we have planned. So, here I have come up with some valuable tips from Cleanzen Chicago  to help your small living space look bigger. Let’s have a look.

Use lighter paints

Panting your walls with lighter color can be an excellent start to making small spaces look more prominent. It creates an illusion of a larger space and gives your area a luxurious look. Lighter paints are also great at reflecting lights, and this reflection does the main trick here.

Use lighting to your advantage

Lighting is undoubtedly a huge factor that makes our interior pop. But do you know you can create such a lighting scenario that can create an illusion of a bigger room? Even if you have sufficient daylight, use different layers of lighting. Getting rid of the single source lighting and allowing other wall and pendant lights will make the space bigger by directing light differently.

Play with furniture

The main problem with small space is that it looks cluttered once you start placing the furniture. In this case, you can plan the furnishing and use a few more oversized furniture than lots of smaller items. This way, you have a more efficient way and create an illusion of a larger space.

Make Space Bigger

Place a mirror in your room

Another proven method of making your room feel more significant is placing a mirror inside. Right of the bat, the mirror creates an illusion of depth in the room when you look at it. Also, it reflects both natural and artificial lights for a better distribution of sunlight. If you can place the mirror opposite a window, you can also enhance the space with a view from outside.

Utilize the corners

While decorating our room, we often see the corners go into waste as there is nothing much you can place there. But if you can plan, you can make L-shaped furniture to sit on that corner. Not only does it looks more stylish, it properly utilizes the room and makes it look bigger.

Using floating storage

When the space is small, you must utilize every bit of space you can. In that regard, one very innovative idea people often forget is mounting floating racks and storage. Who said it all has to be on the floor? Mounting them on your wall saves space on the floor and diversifies the furniture placement. As a result, the room seems bigger than it is.

Simple window setup

Those heavy curtains we usually use for our windows look luxurious and beautiful, but it’s not a big help in terms of space-saving. Instead of those curtains, you can use more straightforward solutions like rolling blinds to save space and make your room more spacious. Even if you are interested, only use light curtains with lighter colors.

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Tips on Making a Small Space Look Bigger

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